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UK Visitor Visa


Official List of documents for UK Visitor visa:

PS: This may change from time to time, please use the link for updated documents.

Individuals can travel to the UK for the specific purpose of visiting friends and family who live in the UK .

UK family members can sponsor the applicant by providing an invitation letter to confirm the relationship, purpose of the visit, and also the support they will be providing in terms of financial assistance and/or accommodation.

Applicants in this category must prove to the UK Immigration Authorities that they can financially maintain and accommodate themselves in the UK with or without assistance from family member(s) living in the UK but without resource to public funding or employment.

The first and foremost thing that you need to keep in mind when applying for a visa for UK, is that you should have an initention to return to your home country. Have a well thought out travel plan. Date of Travel, duration of stay and reasons for travelling.

Here is a comprehensive list of Documents you would need for a sucessful application:

A) Sponsor's Documents:

1) 6 months Bank statements
2) 6 months pay slips
3) Address proof : Utility Bill e.g. Telephone bill or Electric Bill or Council tax notice)
4) Rental Agreement
5) Owner's no objection letter
6) Sponsor's High commission certified letter (e.g. Indian High commission in UK)
7) Applicants's passport copy ( Visa page and stamping page)
8) Sponsor's work permit copy
9) Employer's letter for employement proof
10) Letter from Sponsor requesting British High commission for granting visa to visitors.

Recommended but not mandatory Docs (if sponsor is employed in UK):

11) P60 form
12) NI number letter

Reason for visiting UK:

Could be many, meeting with friends, family visit. I have provided an example of a visit where one of your family members may be expecting to deliver soon:

13) NHS maternity letter or prescription exemption card
14) Proof of relations / friendship

B) Visitor's Documents:

15) Passport photo copy (all pages)
16) Proof of address ( ration card, PAN card)

Applicant's Financial Documents:

17) Bank statements (all bank accounts that you may hold, higher the account balance, higher the chances of your application being successful.)
18) Any Insurance Premium receipts and Insurance Policy
19) Stocks & Shares in hand proof ( statement from your broker or depository)
20) If Social Org member (proof of the same)
21) PAN card xerox
22) Credit Card statement
23) PPF (Public Provident Fund) statements

Reasons for returning to home country:

You may have assets, unmarried children, relatives, who are in your home country for whom you may need to return.

24) Children's proofs (passports)
25) Any other investment or asset proof (land / property)

Visit visa should be applied from the nearest place of your residence (proof would be asked for the same when you apply for the visa, as you cannot apply for visa other than the your designated visa centre.)

E.g. if you stay in Pune, you can not apply from Chennai or Delhi for UK visa.

Document Samples:

Sample of Sponsorship & Letter to the British High Commission

How to Apply for UK Visas:

Visa Application Forms

Applying from India
Visa Application Fee

A visitor visa usually takes no more than a week. The application is to be made in person, so as to provide biometric. Childern below 5 years are not needed to apply in person and can be represented by parents or gaurdian, whom they would be travelling with.

This visa entitles holders to visit the UK for up to a maximum of six (6) months, allowing them to experience the life and culture in the UK . They may also be allowed multiple entries during the six (6) month period

Once you get a visa:
Once you receive the visa, ensure you have ( if it's a short term visit visa), your travel insurance (may cost anything between Rs. 4,500 to Rs. 7,000 for a 3 month insurance of $50,000), return tickets in place.
On arrival, in UK, you will, first need to get clearnce from the immigration desk at the airport. You may be few basic questions to prove your a genuine 'visitor' and have all the necessary information that you have based your travel on. (e.g. Place of stay, known people in UK, period of stay etc.)

Tip: If your visa is of more than 6 months, you will be asked to get a medical clearnce as well before the immigration clearnce is given. Usually just a latest chest X-ray is all that you need to carry along with you and must be handy once you reach the immigration desk at the airport.
This avoids unnecessary delay in getting clearance after that long haul flight.


  1. Hi Avineet,

    You have mentioned that a visit visa should not take more than one week. In the VFS website and also in the BHC, India website, it says that people have to apply for visa one month prior to the likely travel date. It also says that if the visitor has travelled to UK in last 5 years, they have a good chance of getting the visa in one week's time.

    My parents have applied for the UK visa. But have never travelled to UK before. However they have travelled to the USA and Canada in 2007 and they have returned to India before 6 months. Their USA visa is still valid.

    Will they consider this to make a quick decision to issue visa?

    Waiting for a early reply. Really anxious.


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  2. I forgot to mention one more poit. They have applied for a 6 months single entry visa.

  3. Hi Smitha, thanks for writing in. Apparently that is not a criteria and will be purely on the documents that were presented. (Financial etc.) The month advice is the max that the BHC may take to issue a visa. Usually it will not go beyond 2 weeks.

    All the best.


  4. Hi Avineet, My parents got their passports today with visa stamped. Thanks and Regards, Smitha

  5. Hi,
    I am planning to sponsor my retired parents visit to UK. As I am sponsoring their entire trip, is it required to provide their financial details. My father gets pension of Rs 14k and at times when they need, they take money from my NRE a/c. I am an permanent employee in UK on Tier-1 and have no issues in giving all financial/employment docs. My parents have their own house for which they can show ties with country. They dont have any dependant childrens. Also I have 1 bedroom flat and I live with my wife so will that be issue on accomodation side? Please tell me as this will be really helpful for me. And this will be their first ever visit to Foreign country. The sponsorship letter which you have uploaded, does it need to be attested High Commission of India in London?

  6. Hi Raj,

    Yes you would still need to present their financial documents along with yours. House ownership doc etc will be beneficial.

    One bedroom house is not sufficient for 2 married couples as per the overcrowding rule of Border Agency.

    If they are over 65, and no one to support them in India, you can call them as your dependents as well.


  7. Hi,
    I want to sponsor for my mother. I had a query on validity of sponsorship letter. If i take sponsorship letter today, can I apply for visa in April'11?


  8. Hi Lakshmi,

    Yes it will be valid.


  9. Hi,
    My sister, her husband and their two children had applied for a Visitor Visa last year but their visa was refused, the Border Agency has given appeal rights to sister & her husband and they won appeal and my sister, her husband got their visitor visa and they would like to apply for their two children aged 10 & 12. Can they apply as a General Visitor Visa for their 2 children? What types of documents they need to provide?...I am planning to invite my parents at the same time therefore do not want sponsor my sister family to avoid any problems in visa process.

  10. Hi Krish,

    If you had provided the sponsorship for your sister's family that will be taken into the account as the BHC will have it in their records while approving their visa. What's the accommodation that they have mentioned while applying for the visa.


  11. Hi Avineet,
    They have not yet applied for a children's visa, therefore not able to understand which forms to use? what type of documents they need to provide?..If I do not give them a sponsorship letter, Can they apply as a General Visitor visa for their children? much money they need to show in bank account?


  12. Hi Avineet
    I was once rejected a UK visa since my agent made did not write the correct financial details in the visa application.Subsequently I got the same corrected , also arranged an invitation letter & got a visa and also visited UK. I am now planning a trip to UK along with my family of 4, Will I face any problems due to the previous history? Are there any minimum financials I should present to facilitate the process ? Thanks in advance.

  13. Hi Vinay,

    AS long as you fulfill the Visa requirements this time and provide the details of refusal it should not be a cause of concern. Also, as for the financials, a Border Agency estimate a 700-1000 GBP per adult per month expense. (more the better).


  14. Hi,
    My wife is pragnant, and I wants to invite my parents for her delivery, Can anyone send me a format of sponcership declaration?

  15. Hi Avineet,
    I'm planning to invite my parents for 6 months to UK on family visa in end of April. But problem here is that, my visa expires by Sep 2011 end. So I've couple of questions here -
    1. What validity will their visa have ?
    2. Is it ok if one of friends in UK, who is also a British citizen, sponsor visa for my parents under general category of family & friends ?
    Kindly share your suggestions.

    Thanks & Regards

  16. I am a Indian Citizen and came to Uk on 19 Feb,2011 - Tier 2 (Visa Expires on 15 Jan 2012)
    Living here in a 3 Bed room / Double story rented House with 3 colleagues

    I want to sponser my mother and real brother to uk on visitor visa , after how many months of my stay in UK i can sponser them

    If 6 months of my stay in UK is mandatory before i can invite my mother and brother (19 Feb,2011 - 19 Aug,11) then on other hand my visa will expires on 15

    Jan 2011 ,(4.5 months left after 6 months) so before how many months of expiry i can sponser them like till Nov,11 or Dec,11
    This question i am asking as somebody told me that i as a sponser will have to furnish 6 month salary slip and 6 months UK account bank statements

    My mother is financially dependent on me I will also sponser them financially so how much Bank balance i need per head (for Mother and Brother)in my UK bank

    account on the day i submit the sponsership letter and other documents to British High Comm.

    My mother is Widow and my real brother is married / service man with two sons. please tell me the manadatory documents they have to submit from thier side.

    Below is my idea of documents i should be ready with (if wrong please correct me )

    As a Sponser

    - Sponsership letter
    - 6 months salary slip
    - 6 bank statement

    Visitor (Mother)
    - Ration card
    - 6 months bank statement of her own account (Rs.1 Lakh balance)
    - Owned house in India Legal documents (Legal Tie to go back)
    - Water bill/Electricity bill of owned house

    Visitor (Brother)
    - Ration card
    - 6 months bank statement of his account( Rs.30,000 to 40,000 maintained balance )
    - Pan card
    - Employer Offer letter
    - Letter from employer stating approval to give him leave for trip
    - Both sons birth certificate (Legal tie to go back )
    - Wife Voter card (with in laws Surname)(Legal tie to go back)

    Waiting for your reply.

    Warm regards,
    Dinesh Nayyar

  17. Hi Dinesh,

    You can sponsor a visitor visa for your brother and mother. There is no minimum time limit that you need to stay in UK for that. As long as you can submit a proof of your income ( one month's pay slip is also enough), address and employment there should not be any problem.

    For the documents, I have provided an exhaustive list here in my blog, please refer to them.


  18. Hi Manish,

    You can sponsor your parents for a visit to the UK. Their visa validity will be same as yours. It is advisable if you sponsor your parents instead of some one who you may not know for a long time as this raises the risk of refusal.


  19. Thankyou Avineet for your reply .

    But one thing i want to ask you that how much min balance (per head)i should maintain or have in my UK bank account as requirement as i will sponser both of them financially tooo...

    Secondly please reply me that it does not matter if i will sponser them in Septemeber,11 or October,11 (My visa expires on 15 Jan,2012)

    Warm regards,
    Dinesh Nayyar

  20. Hi

    My mother is sponsoring my couin, his wife and a daughter aged 10. We live in a 3 bedroom house. Is this going to be a problem to sponsor them. They arent always going to stay here and they have other relatives as well.

    Also the sponsorship letter, does it have to be signed by only a soliciotr or can it be signed by a dentist?

    Please advise asap

    thank you


  21. Hello

    My mother is a widow, and she is completely dependent on me. My sister and family is settled in India and she has 2 grand kids. she has around 1.5L INR in her bank account and a rented apartment in Bangalore. But there is no income on her own. I would like to know what is the best option for me to show my mother's strong tie to return back to India?

  22. has anyone apply for uk visa with more than 3 motnhs in advance and got it

  23. Nuura

    My mother is a widow, and totally dependent on me she currently lives in Africa(Ethiopia) and has no support other then me as i am her one and only child. i am turning 21 years old, and currently finishing my second year of uni studying nursing. i have read the site, and i was wondering if you can tell me what options i have in bringing my mum her as she under the age of 65?

    Many Thanks

  24. Hi,

    Am an Indian student in USA. I am planning to go to UK in this summer. My brother is there in london, he would sponsor me just the letter. How much bank balance should I have in order to get the visitor's visa.. As I am a student now, I don have any income.. Kindly help me.,

    Thanks in advance,

  25. Hello Avineet

    I and my husband live in UK and expecting our first baby. We have sponsored and applied for my parents visa from India on 25th March and still waiting for their reply. On tracking, it says that application is under process at British High Commission since 28th March. My due date is in month and still we haven't got any response. What could be the reason? Also our visa expiring in end of October. Will my parents get visa if we haven't got visa for more than 6 months? Where should we enquire about it as not getting proper answer from vfs office as well.

    Thanks and Regards


  26. I would like to invite my friend to spend the vacation. Please let me know the procedure for the same.

  27. Hi , i have downloaded Sponsorship form from your link, kindly let me know that same need to be attested from some authority in UK / India ???
    Or simple completion of this form by sponsor is sufficient .

  28. Hi Neelam,

    You don't need it to be attested by anyone.


  29. Hello Sapna,

    Sorry for the late response, the visitor visa will be issue even though your visa is expiring in Oct. Do let me know if you have received your parent's visa now. All the best with your new born.

  30. Hi,

    My parents are planning to apply for family visitor visa. Do you think it is necessary to get the relevant sponsor documents attested/notorised?



  31. Hi Ali,

    You don't need any attestation.


  32. hi,
    Im 20 years of age. I would like to sponser my boyfriend from india, I have been with him for three years but have to wait till 21 to marry him as per rules.what will I need to sponsor him?I am a student and have a part time job on weekends. please let me know. also what will he need to do?

  33. Hi

    I am planning a visit to the UK along with my friend in july and for that i'll be applying for the visa in the next 2-3 days. as far as sponsoring the trip goes, it'll be partly done by my self and partly by my father. what all documents of my father would i need other than his financial documents(for his part of the funding)?

  34. HI

    My UK Tier1 General Migrant VISA expires on 6th November 2011. And i am planning to apply Family visitors visa for my parents on 7th June 2011. As i have just 5 months valid visa, does it stop my parents getting visa.

    Please confirm..


    1. Vijay

      Did your parents get visa. I have a similar situation as well.


  35. Your parents will be eligible for visa. There is no restriction on the validity of your visa. There max visa validity will be Nov 2011, as yours.

  36. hi every one

    i have been granted discretionary leave to remain i got married in india 2009, i have 4 months son now i would like to invite them, can u please help in this matter

    many thanks

  37. hi my parents have applied for the visa on 24/05/2011 they havnt traveled to UK before.
    how much time it will take the visa to come, is there any ways we can get the procedure done before 1 month of application date?

  38. Hi Helpers,

    I want to apply Tier 1 Dependant visa for my wife, i have moved to UK a month ago and looking for Job. Please can anyone advise me what are the mandatory documents required to apply.

    i have below documents.

    1. Sponser Letter,
    2. My Passport details
    3. Rental Aggrement only.
    4. Bank statement more than 6months 1600 (for my wife) + 800 (for me).
    5. Marriage Certificate, Marriage photos

    As i'm not working and i don't have any offer letter or salary to maintain in UK.

    Is still i need to show the salary slips of UK ?

    Please advise.

    As per some blogs, do i need to show UK

  39. Hello.

    I am a US citizen and am trying to move to live with my boyfriend, a UK citizen, in Scotland. We already have accommodation, our rent starts Sept. 1, 2011. I want to work ideally, but I have not been able to sort out a visa. I feel like I should go over on a visitor visa for 6 months, but wonder if I could volunteer? If I go home and come back then could I go back on another visitor visa? It seems my only other options are to study (too late to get into programs) or become engaged. Do you have any suggestions how I can live in the UK with my boyfriend for the next few years? I thought a tourist visa would be a good place to begin and work from there? Please let me know what you think.


  40. Hi Experts
    I am thinking about to apply for my mother in law on family visit as my wife is pregnant. I have got few questions.
    1. My mother in law does not work -can my brother in law can be sponsor/supporter of her mum.
    2. My HSMP ending December 2011; I know you advised to someone else before that she will get visa till the same date. Would it be wise to apply for our extension before we apply for her visit.And what we should give the reason if we apply for our extension first.

    Thanks Much


  41. Hi Akhtar,

    You can apply for her visa without any issues as your visa is still valid till Dec 2011. Visit visas take shorter time than renewing HSMPs. My advice is to apply for your mother-in-law's visa with the required docs (check my blog : You can also take a letter from the midwife stating that your wife is pregnant and request your mother-in-law to assist and provide moral support during and after the birth. (Midwives will provide it without any issues.)


  42. Hi Avineet,

    I have come to UK on Tier2 from my company in June 2011. I'll be here till september 2011. Currently My company has allotted me accomodation. Now I want to get my mother as a family visitor for a month. I have rented a flat in UK.
    My mother is completely independent. She can sponsor her trip completely. Do I still need to sponsor her? As I do not have 6 months payslip or bank statement, will she be granted visa?

  43. Hi,

    I am planning to be a sponsor for Indian girlfriends visit visa.

    Can you give any advice on how much money I need to show in my bank account, and in her's.

    For example will £3000 in mine and £1000 in hers be sufficient.

    It's worth mentioning she has visited before in 2008. Also I am earning around £1500 per month.

    Are our chances good?

    Thank you,

    James S

  44. Hi James,

    Yes, the balance (of £3000 & £1500 respectively ) should be sufficient. Should maintain atleast £2500 in your a/c and £1500-2000 in your grilfriend's a/c. However do bear in mind the 'need to return to home country' related document is most important. Also salary that you are drawing is also at acceptable level.


  45. Dear Avineet,
    I plan to sponsor my brother to visit me and my children.
    Is 3 months bank statement and payslips sufficient?
    Also is a balance of £1,000 in my account sufficient.
    He will be staying with me, he will pay for his ticket but i will pay for his food etc.
    Sorry to go on, lastly will photocopies of my documents be suffient or would i need to send the originals to him?
    Thanks you so much in advance.
    yours sincerely,

  46. dear avneet,

    i would like to invite my friend to visit me in UK. can i sponsor him. does he need to show funds?..
    pls reply....

  47. Hi Adam,

    3 months bank statement and payslips are sufficient. £1,000 can be just ok, which depends on the time he is going to spend in UK and if he can show any funds in his bank account. Originals are always good, however as long as you have photocopies which are legible, they are acceptable.


  48. Hi Sumi,

    Yes you do not show funds in your bank account, please refer to my posts here to get more details.


  49. Hi Avi,

    I have came across your website. it is very informative and helpful.

    I am wondering if you could help me with my questions:

    My mother's brother 's son wants to sponsor her for UK visit visa . His relation to my mother is nephew. He is british born,22 yrs old and working fulltime. My questions are:
    1. can he show hotel bookings as accomodation for my mother?
    2. does sponoser letter and accomodation letter(hotel bookigns) needs to be attested?
    3. does he need to write word 'Aunt' in the sponsor letter or as 'Aunt(Father's sister)'

    4. does he need to give the evidence of relationship to my mother? If yes what it can be?

    5. she is only going to go for visit. so what reason can be given.

    Your response would be very helpful.

    Looking forward to your response.

    Many Thanks


  50. Hello Humz,

    1. Yes, you can show Hotel bookings as accommodation proofs.
    2.Letters need not be attested. ( As long as the hotel is reachable and if the Home office call them, and they are able to confirm that bookings, it should be enough).
    3.'Aunt(Father's sister)'would be more specific and advised.
    4. It is not mandatory but it will be good if you can do so.
    5. Mention family visit if that is the purpose. If she wants to visit UK, as well you can add that point to the letter as well. (Try and mention a few places in the letter which she might be interested to visit during her stay.)

    Hope this helps.

    All the best.


  51. Hi Avi

    That is very helpful. Thank you very much for your time and help.


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  53. Hi,

    My tier 1 general visa expires on 02-jan-2011.

    If i apply visitor visa for my mom from 01-sep-2011, does she get visa for 6 months or till 02-jan-2011.

    Kindly reply

  54. Hi Vinod,

    Visitor visas are issued for a maximum duration of 6 months or the sponsor's visa expiry date, which ever is earlier. (in your case 2nd Jan 2012).


  55. Hi,
    Glad I got to know about your site. I have few questions. I’ve been living in the UK for past 3.5 years, my current visa status is in Post study Visa which expires in April 2012. My wife joined me in May 2011 as my dependent and she is also working here. Now I would like my Parents to visit us sometime in the end of October(Sponsored Visitor’s visa) , since my wife is pregnant and we would need some assistant from our Parents. As per the documents needed in yours list, I can provide
    • the sponsor letter,
    • my payslip
    • bank statement(min £ 1500 for 2 months- is this ok?)
    • tenent agreement document
    • Employer letter
    • No objection letter from the house owner
    • Invitation letter
    • Passport/Visa

    Documents provided by my parents:

    • Ration card
    • Passport
    • Visa
    • Bank statment for 3 months(minimum Rs. 100000)
    • PAN card
    • Own house document (proof of return)
    • Electricity bill of the own house

     Please could you tell us what is the minimum balance that we must have in the bank for sponsoring a visitor?

     Can I sponsor two members at the same time? Should I show higher bank statment? If so how much?

    If needed we can provide my wife’s payslip and bank statement for 3 months(july-Sep ’11).
    Will this be sufficient or should we get ready with any other documents.

    Please help!

  56. Hi Avineet,

    looking for your feed back for my above questions on 29th August.


  57. Hello Avineet,

    I have been in UK for 6 months and want to invite my parents and my sister's in-laws to UK for about a month. They will be travelling to US from here.
    1 - Should they apply for general visitor ?
    2 - My parents stay in gujarat but mumbai vfs office is relatively closer to them so can they apply in Mumbai. Also can they apply in Pune as it is convinient.
    3- Will the balance of around 2300 pounds be sufficient.


  58. 1 - They should apply for family visit visa
    2 - You will need to show proof of residence else they will not be allowed to apply from non-residential place.
    3 - Yes 2300 GBP should be good enough.

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  60. Hi Avineet,
    Thanks for providing lot of information in your site. I got a question ,I want to sponsor my cousin brother on visit visa to uk and I'm on Tier 1 visa which is due in Oct 2012. Do I eligible for the sponsor and How much funds I should maintain and for how many months. Other question is, If I submit my original Documents like Pay slips and Bank Statements ,do Homeoffice in India will return them back if the Visa is not granted . These Documents are needed for my Tier 1 Extension .Is it possible that I can provide Photo Copies with atestation. Please let me know. Thanks in Advance for taking time to reply my Questions.


  61. Hi Avineet,
    Hope u will respond :)

    I wish to call my wife and kid (1.8 years) to UK on visiting visa. The fact is i have not maintained fund for the last 3 months to call them on Tier 1, so decided to get them on Visiting visa. My tier 1 would expire in Oct 2012 and feel visiting visa would be a better option.
    I have around £6000 in savings bank and since I work as a Limited Company. I also have around £10000 in the company. Hope this along with the letter from the letting Agency would suffice in helping me apply for the visa.

    Kind Regards,

  62. Hi avineet,

    I am in UK on Tier 1 visa valid till 2013. Soon I am going to get married in Nov but won’t have much time that my wife can apply for dependent visa hence I want her to apply for visitor visa now so she can come to UK on tourist visa after our marriage.
    She is a government officer in India and will return back to India on 5th Jan 2012 to join her duty and can apply for dependent visa.

    I want to know will there be any problem for her if she will go for dependent visa in future because she will come UK after our marriage and UKBA could object why she prefer to come on visitor visa than a dependent visa.

    My one of the friend's spouse had same problem for USA and still she is waiting to meet him because first she went USA on tourist visa.
    Hence I am bit worried and need your help.

    Waiting for your expert opinion.



  63. Hi,

    I'm relieved to see a lot of people have questions similar to mine. I guess I am in a bit of a dilemma and am wondering if anyone can give me some insight.
    I'm an Indian national and am working for one of the big 4 audit firms and am on a Tier 2 visa for 6 months in the UK. My visa expires in January 2012. I want my boyfriend/fiance to visit me for a month, but he has quit his job in India to take a break and travel. I have a feeling him not currently working might be grounds for rejecting a visitor visa to UK. He will be self sponsored and can show all the necessary bank statements. So can I, but I'm not a salaried employee of the UK entity. I am paid a daily subsistence amount and accommodation is paid for by my company.

    Is there anything we can do to make the application stronger?


  64. Hi Avineet,

    I need some help regarding my mom's visit to uk.My Husband and myself are on ILR Visa.My Husband is a self employed pharmacist and I am currently unemployed.Now that I am pregnant we are expecting our first baby in march so i wanted to have my mother with me during my delivery.Now i wanted to know
    >Whether we can state that her purpose of visit is solely due to pregnancy as I have heard that they might refuse visa if we stated anything about pregnancy or do we need to apply as a general visit
    >Can my Husband entirely sponsor her finance and accomodation and travel to and fro for this trip
    >My mom can show a property on her name and a bank balance around 3- 4 lakhs (INR) and she can also state that she has husband and son who is studying back in home country and wants to go back as soon as visa expires and has no intention to stay in uk.Can these reasons be sufficient for her to show about finances and family.
    And can you please suggest me what else documents she need to show about her finances or whatever and what documents we need to produce so that she might get the visa and be with us during the birth of our baby.
    Thanku in Advance..


  65. im sri lankan i have two daughter . one daughter age 14.other daugter age 16 my husbad is business man. me and my two daughter like to visiting uk (my sister's husbad uk studnt and sister dependent she sponsor we.)visit for uk what documeant need

  66. hi Avi,
    i have a bf from Uk about 11 months now and he been in Philippines to visit me 2 times now.We want to apply for visitor visa..If he will be the one that gonna sponsor me for my travel, do i need bank statement for proof and i dont have work.Is he liable to get me a visitor visa?

    Thanks..Hope to hear from you soon..


  67. Hi Avineet,
    I have a student visa and am extending it to PSW in feb 2012.I want my mom to visit me as am pregnant and my due date is in May 2012.Can you please tell me what documents she has to show in India to get the visiting visa as I'm a house wife and my husband is dependent on me and he is working.I can only show tenancy agreement and bank balance of 1800GBP for 3months,Is that OK or not please help me as I'm so confused what documents to keep and what not?

  68. Hi Avineet,

    I'm inviting my parents to visit me in the UK on a short term visa. Just wanted to ask if they can apply now to visit UK for 2 months starting in March 12 or April 12?

    Many thanks,

  69. Good to see parents in UK. Have happy moments with your parents.

    Sample Documents

  70. hi..

    right now i'm in student status . now i have finished my course and applied for psw visa, i will get my psw visa before january.thing is i would like to invite my parents for my convocation by visiting visa. kindly tell me what are the documents are required to enclosed with my parents application. both my mom and dad are planing to come uk. how much money should i have to maintain for both..reply me asap..

  71. Hi, I would be going on a honeymoon tour to UK, our tour operator says they would require my fiance's original property papers (sale agreement) for processing his tourist visa. We are already providing bank statements & FD receipts of value more than double the tour cost. Would the sale agreement still be required?? Can we provide any other substitute document for this??

    Please help...

  72. Thanks for the wonderful Blog.

    I would like to bring my parents to UK for a family visit. I am a UK Citizen and working for NHS. Both my parents are above 60 years old and they wanted to spend some time with us and especially with my new born baby. Could you please tell me what is the maximum stay they can have in the UK during their visit. Currently they are planning to visit in one month time and may stay back approximately for 6 to 8 months.
    1. Regarding the funding, how much should i have to show in the bank for their maintenance and how long should that amount be available in the bank at the time of application. Also should i specify the source of income (because my brother is helping me with some money to show in the maintenance fund)
    2. Are they allowed to stay 6 to 12 months ( I can see this option in the application form asking how long do you need the visa valid for, but not sure even the visa is valid they can remain in the UK for longer than 6 months)
    3. What visa category should they apply for? Family Visitor (They apply for the same from India), or Sponsorship (Not sure whether I am eligible for that or not)

    Please could you suggest?

    Your advice on the above should be much appreciated.

    Many Thanks

  73. Hi I got british citizen ship before 1 month.
    Now I want to sponsor my cousin brother is dis possible ?? Plz reply

    1. Yes, you can spnsor a visit for him.

  74. Hi I am on Tier 1 and my wife is pregnant.I want to call her parents but while I am sponsoring
    Do I need to maintain any funds in my bank for certain period?
    Do I need to shift for 2 bed room before going for stamping?
    What if my In-law doesn't have bank accounts?
    Please advise

    1. While applying you need to show your bank statments, if you are the sponsor. Based on the duration of the visitor stay, it is advisable to have sufficient funds ( which you may think will be used for travel and accommodation ). Advisable to keep the funds in bank till you you have recived the visa.

      Thanks & all the best!

  75. Hi,
    I am planning to bring my mother to UK. I am going to sponsor her. Do I need to send my orginals for payslips and bank statements or copies of those will be fine?


  76. As the UK Home office visa rejection rates has increased, it is advisable to use all originals while applying, to ensure elegible documents are not submitted and reduce the chanves of refusals.

    Thanks and all the best!

  77. Hey Avineet,

    I am planning to visit a friend of mine in Bournemouth U.K. My friend holds a student visa. I will be applying for the tourist visa in few weeks. I was wondering what are the exact financial documents that they would be looking for? I wanted to know the minimum amount or bank account balance that qualifies to be eligible for the approval of visa. I am visiting him for 10 days.
    I will be visiting the U.S in the month of May and on my way back from the U.S i plan to halt and visit my friend in U.K. My U.S trip is sponsored by the company i work for.
    I will be issued a Business visa for the U.S. I am slightly confused if its a good idea to club both the trips.

  78. Hi - glad I came across this site as I have a very specific query, which I believe you may be able to answer or suggest options.
    I am on Tier1 visa and am the only child of my parents. My mother is 66 years old and a widow- so completely dependant on me emotionally and financially. She also does not have any brothers and sisters, which mean there is practically no one to look for her in india while I am in UK. On these grounds, she was granted a dependant visa in 2006, while I was on a Tier2 WP. However, when I came to UK last year on Tier1, she was refused a dependant visa. Since then, she has been living alone in most unfortunate circumstances. If I need to call her on family visitor, how she will be able to prove that she has reasons to go to her country as there is actually no reason! PLEASE help or suggest what options we have? Will be useful if you share your tel no so that we can talk or suggest some option to connect. Ashish

  79. i am jerlyn from philippines me and my boyfriend plan to get tourist visa and my boyfriend going to sponsor me for getting visa . i am student so i cannot show a properties but i have bank account i have almost £1500 its ok? and also i will try to show them that i will enroll for next semester so that i can proved that i will go back to philippines to study and no plan to stay there !

  80. Hi
    i am an international student in england and i want to sponsor my mother and my sister for a visit to see me for some weeks. My father expired when i was very young and my mum is a house wife and sister is a student. Is is possible if i show my financial statements and take the responsibility of all their expenses.

    1. Yes, you can do that. For more details, please go through my blog.

  81. HI Avi,

    First of all many thanks for such a good site, many of the queries got resolved by reading all of them. I have specific one. I am in UK since last 9 months and on Intracompany transfer. I would like to invite my mother and my in-laws for family visit. My mother and mother-in law will be travelling together and want to stay around 4-5 months with us and my father-in-law will join us for a month later.
    1)What maximum duration shall I mention in visa application form?
    2) Shall I mention that they will be travelling and staying together with us for around 4-5 months? Any financial implication for this? How much balance shall I show in bank statement?
    3) Any other specific things I need to take care in Individual's application form?

    Anticipating your reply. Thanks.

    1. You can mention antime which is less that 6 months but you need to be specific on the duration. Even if you state 3 months and they stay for 5, there will be no legal problems as UK Home office usually issues family visitor visa for 6 months. You should show approx. show GBP250-300 a month per person in your account for the normal accommodation and local travel costs. Add to this any travel cost that you may sponsor.

      Please keep in mind UK Home office's 'overcrowding' rule ( which limits the number of people who can stay in an accommodation comfortably.

      Hope this helps. All the best.

  82. Hello,

    I seek your advise regarding Family visit visa for my mother.

    I am living in the UK on Tier1 Dependent visa. my spouse is the primary applicant. I am working on permanant role.

    Can i invite, sponser my mother for 2 months visit visa.

    I will send my 6 months bank statements and salary slips, tenency agreement etc.

    Do I need to show bank statements and salary slips of my spouse also? She has taken break from her job and currently not working.

    Also i am showing 5000 pounds in my bank account. Hope it is sufficient to sponser my mother??

  83. hi ,

    My husband has been invited by his company for a month to the uk for some work purpose and i want want to accompany him since we are newly weds . i have studied in the uk prior but i have returned to my homeland once i finished my course .. what are the documents i need to provide ???

    Also my husband will be getting the hotel details quite late ie.. i will have no time to process my visa if i wait for those details.. can i book another hotel for a few days just to show for visa purposes ??? kindly reply ASAP .. Thank you!!

    1. Hello, sorry for the late reply, yes you can show hotel bookings for your accommodation. You need to show your finance details apart from accommodation and proof that you will return to your home country after the visit.


  84. Iam travelling to Uk on an Intra company Transfer Tier 2 visa.
    I would like to take my mother along with me on a visitor visa. Please let me know what are the documents i need to provide and the bank balance i need to show.

    I would be staying in a Friends house. Can I show the same for my mom as well.

    How long would it take for a visit visa to get processed.

  85. Hello, usually it can take anywhere from 2-3 weeks. You would need to show your salary slips, accommodation in UK etc. ( Ensure you have a letter from your friend on accommodation and they have enough room for them and you, please refer to the UK overcrowding rule before showing that as your accommodation proof.) The balance depends on the stay duration ( usu. 500-700 GBP /month per person should suffice, which should take care of travel, accommodation etc.)


  86. Hi there

    I am planning to apply for a 6 month general visitor visa to UK. Iam a single, unmarried female.

    I was working in a job till 2010 and then I set up my business. But my business income is expected to roll in only from Aug 2012. I have filed nil income tax returns from the past 2 years. But I have regular deposits of money in to my business account from my father. My father is ready to sponsor my trip and he has a good monthly income. I also have a bank business loan sanctioned.

    I have all the business papers and other papers like insurance papers, vehicle ownership, advance paid for machinery, etc to show my binding ties to my country.

    I also travelled to China on a business visa last year but have never travelled out of Asia. My UK tourist visa application was rejected in 2007 as I was in between jobs at that time.

    Based on my profile above, what are the chances of my getting a UK visitor visa? Should I go ahead and actually apply or is my visa application likely to get rejected because even though I have a business from nearly 2 years, the business income will roll in only from Aug 2012.

    An early reply would be much appreciated! Thanks in advance!

  87. Hi Avineet,

    I'm planning to bring my inlaws to UK, is it mandatory to show any amount / do they need maintain funds in their account? They have a property is it not sufficient?

    Rest of the things I can provide from here. Please advise

    If it is recommonded to show sufficient balance in their account what is the period we have to maintain?

    They don't have any Mutual Funds/ Fixed deposits,however, they have LIC & Postal deposits.


  88. Hi,

    for the no objection letter from the landlord, is there a specific format or do i have to attain a special no objection form from the post office for sponsoring my parents?

    P.S.- its urgent.


  89. There is no specific format, you can send an e-mail providing him/her the details of the visitors and their travel dates and seek his agreement on the same. You can then take a print of the e-mail and enclose it with your visa application. If he can send an e-mail on his letter head then that is all the more good.

  90. I am in UK on Tier 2 short term visa. My Visa is expiring on 12th August 2012. I wish to call my parents here to visit me. I have been told that since my visa is expiring in 3 months, i can not call them on Family visitor visa. Is it true?

    Moreover in general visitor visa, can they show my rent agrrement as proof of accomodation?

    Please reply at the earliest.

    Thanx in Advance.

    1. you can still apply, even if your visa is expiring in 2-3 months, as the visitor's visa duration will be either 6 months or the sponsoring person's visa duration, which ever is earlier. Yes you can show rental agreement as the proof of accommodation. It is good to submit council tax, water / electricity bills as well. Also include a No objection letter from the landlord.


    2. Nitin

      Did your parents get visitor visa? I have a similar situation where I have got 5 months left on my current visa and want to invite my parents.



  91. Hi Avneet,

    I am currently in Uk from last 20 months and is working with a multinational company. i am on Tier2 visa and have visa valid till 2013.
    I wish to invite my mom dad and my 20 year brother.

    I have got the list of documents from the above article.
    My queries here are :-
    1) i stay in 1 bhk with my husband, do i need to show some booking (as i am planning to accomodate in my house only), i can get no objection letter frommy owner

    2) i have kept 2000-1500 gbp in my curent account fromlast 6 months and have now increased the balance to 4000+ as it is liquid funds , will it impact the visa decision?

    3) my dad is showing his pripert and some funds like fix deposit of 1lac and monthl income of 15K - will this impact

    4) my brother is student , he has appreared for 2 yrs exams and waiting for results . there are no colledge during the period of intended stay, do he need a NOC letter from college

    5) DO i need to send my payslips and statements original or i can send the scanned copy with my signatures?

    6) if i courier them original documents it will take a week or so.. and my documents then will be approx 2 weeks old before going for biomentric...will this impact?

    7) Lat ques, i have sponsered my hubby as vistior last year,will this impact. he came back this year on Tier 2

    1. Hello Jasmeet,

      Sorry for the delayed response.

      1) No object is must, however you need to also ensure you are following the 'over crowding policy' of the UKBA, you will find it in this blog. If it is small, then you may need to show a different accommodation.

      2) This should only help the visa decision in your favour. Typically you should have set at least show 500-750 GBP per per person per month of visit. (including all)

      3) It is an added advantage, if your dad is also including his financial details. If working, try and include a leave approval letter from the organisation.

      4) It will be good if a NOC is obtained from the college or a bonafide stating he will return to India and continue once the results are out.

      5) It is advisable to send originals as there are a lot of cases of false document submissions. Also originals will take the Home office to make quikcer decisions as they don't need to do a lot of verification for authenticity.

      6) This shouldn't impact. You can send via DHL.

      7) This should not have any adverse impact.


  92. Hi there,

    I have sent all the relevant docs for my family for UK visa and along with my parents my younger sister aged 13 years had also applied for visa. My parents have got their visa approved but my sister's still says under process. Any idea on this case ? Its already 16th day (working day) after they have applied visa and no other updates from Uk high commission. Please shed some light on this.

    1. Hello Poornima,

      Sorry for the late response, hope by now you would have received the visa for your sister.

      Usually it should arrive at the same time. However if the passport issuing place is different it can take longer.


  93. Hi Avineet,
    thanks alot for your good help your offering us.! i have some few questions i'd like to ask you please:
    1-first am a student and my girlfrnd is in uk we met on the internet in november so i applied for uk visit visa in december 2011 to come visit her but i applied as a tourist and i was denied because they said i get a low salary from my school, but the thng is i had borrowed some money from my friend wich was somethng like 1800 GBP but they said i dint give them evidence where that money came from so they denied me entry.!

    2-now i want to apply again but this time my girlfriend is gona send me an invitation letter and shes gona provide me with only accomodation and i will be providing financial support to myslef for 2 weeks, i have on my account smn like 1200 GBP wich i borrowed from a frnd stil but this time i have a loan agreement showing that he lent me the money (i don know if this will be okey).

    3-another thing is my girlfriend is working but shes getting a low salary too and she doesnt have enough money on her account but she can take care of herself en the house rent en bills (will this be a problem because she doesnt have enough money??)

    4-and lastly in my last application i mentioned that i din know anyone in the uk but this time am applying to go and meet my girlfriend.(will that be a problem??))

    wil b looking forward to ur reply.

    thnx Avineet.

    1. hello,

      If your girlfriend is sponsoring your stay you can provide the sponsorship letter and accommodation proofs. As for financial proof you should be able to show the source of income or prove that you have a regular income source and the money in your account is from your savings (although it is borrowed in your case). This will help them understand that you can sustain yourself while in UK and will not work to earn there and will return to your home country.

      Hope this answers.

  94. Hi,

    I have applied for a 6 month UK Business Visitior Visa. I have submitted my documents on 14th along with one more colleague of mine. He too submitted his documents along with me. He has already travelled to Europe and holds an active US Visa. He got the confirmation message from VFS that his Visa has been dispatched yesterday.

    However, I haven't still got any message or so regarding my application. Is there anything like those who hold any active Visa, it takes less time for verification for them. And what is the general timeline in which Visa is issued.


    1. Sorry for the delayed response, were you able to receive your visa? Usually it may get delayed by a few days, however if it is more, it may be due to the passport verification and other documents that they may have found peculiar if not suspicious.


  95. Hi Avineet,

    i am still waiting for your response on my query.

    Request you please help.

    Jasmeet Bhatia

  96. Hi Avineet,

    Is it ok to show bank statement for 2.5 months for UK tourist Visa?


  97. Hi Avineet,

    Thanks for the wonderful blog and taking time to answer queries.

    My husband in on Tier 1 Visa which expires on 30th June. He is planning to apply for extension and we think there are good chance of it being granted. We dont want to apply for my dependent until his visa is extended. However I want to visit him in the end of July for Olympics. Can I apply for General visitor visa as his visa is expiring on 30th June and showing him as my sponsor will put restriction on my visitor visa. I have a job here in reputed multinational company and can show employment letter and vacation application. Also I can financially sponsor my own trip.

    Please advice.

    1. Hi Kiran,

      Yes you can apply for a general visitor visa. However in one of the section you will also need to mention, if you know someone in UK, please mention your husband's name and also mention, one of the reasons is to visit him. Would advise on mentioning the same as you have plans to apply for a dependant visa at a leter stage.

      Please feel free to drop me a mail, if you have any further question.


  98. Hi, Im sponsoring my Mom, dad n sister to UK for 20 days. They just have Rs 60,000 in total in their Indian Account. I have £3000 in my UK account. I have already booked their accommodation in a hotel for 20 days.

    Is our account balance sufficient?

  99. Hi Avineet,

    Thanks for the info above.

    I want to invite my parents on a visit to UK. I am into full time permanent employment with a good company. I don't have any savings in my account in UK. Just want to ask how much money they have to show to come to UK and for how much time. They'll be having a return tickets and will be staying with me for atleast 2 months.


  100. Hi Avineet

    I have been in UK since 2005. I am on work permit since 2007. Currently, I am on Tier 2 (General) since November 2009 and having visa till 19th October 2012. I would like to call my parents-in-low over for visiting UK (no occasion) from India. They have visited me twice in the past. I am planning to apply their visa on 1st July 2012 and there are couple of point I would like to ask;
    1. Since I have only less than 6 month visa, will there be any problem for them to get visa on?
    2. My tenancy agreement is due to renewal on September 2012. Will this limit their Visa till September?

    Look forward to hear from you at the earliest.



  101. Victor8 June 2012 22:54
    Hi, Im sponsoring my Mom, dad n sister to UK for 20 days. They just have Rs 60,000 in total in their Indian Account. I have £3000 in my UK account. I have already booked their accommodation in a hotel for 20 days.

    Is our account balance sufficient?


  102. HI, i am sponsoring my grandmother age 68+,.
    I have the following documents:
    1) I have Rs.2,50,000 in NRI account for last one month, bcoz i opened this account on 3/4/2012.
    2)i have employed have 3month payslip only.
    3)I have signed as a guarantor of my friend in a tendency agreement.
    4)My grandma have 2,50,000 on her account, she deposit three days ago. She getting pension on the same account.
    5)She have pension book, Property document, House tax receipt.
    6)flight conformation letter.
    7) Initiation from my side.

    I plan to apply via fast track, bcoz she been travelled to newealand for 2 month. What i need to know is that above papers are enough for applying family visitor visa?
    Can i send my payslip and via email.?
    What else i have do submit

  103. hi, my uncle is sponsering me from uk, to attend the family marrige. he is holding 26000 pounds in his account, and he is a british citizen holding relevant british passport, he is director of the company. on other side my bank balance from last three months is not so good, but before it was good, is this will work if i put some money for two or three weeks and regulate it properly. and gives all relevant clarification regarding transactions in my account while in last few months. will this helps in my visa process. please do reply
    great regards

    1. Ravi, it will be good if you can too show sufficient balance to make your application strong. Please ensure when you travel to UK, that you don't carry any employment related documents with you, e.g. your certificates, resume etc. I have seen many people being denied entry, when they get questioned randomly by the Home officers at the airport and upon their luggage check they find these documents when ther visa is for only visit. This makes them suspicious that you are not a genuine visitor but someone who has travelled to seek a job in the UK under the guise of a visitor. Hope this helps.

  104. Can you please help me?

    I am applying to visit the UK with my husband (a British Citizen), we are currently living in Romania as he is studying Medicine and I have a family permit till 2016 in Romania. He has vacation till October 2012 so we want to go visit his family (my in-laws). But this is where the problem starts.

    I have a sponsor (3rd Party as he is my husbands relative). He has sent the documents to us via DHL BUT:
    1) he sent bank statement for the last 6 months which shows large sums entering but also he spends a lot so the last statement showed 15.00 GBP as the balance but he has different amounts coming in bringing the amount to sometimes over 3000 GBP. So will this amount of 15.00 GBP prove to be a problem.
    2) He sent a letter from his work stating what and where he is working, which is good.
    3) an Invitation letter
    4) a Sponsor letter.

    Can he be a sponsor and Also my mother in-law provide the documents to say we will stay at her house as she has a 3 bedroom house.

    Are these resonable and also what else is needed.

    My husband also has a bank in Romania and he has funds of 900 GBP in his account and he will provide 6 months statement to go with the application can you please advise me on the sponsors material.

    Thank you

  105. hi
    i am currently in the uk on a tier 2 visa and intend to relocate my family to the uk
    i just need to know if i need to include mainatenance funds for myself over the 91 days or just for wife and three kids

    pls answer needed urgently.

    thanks so muuch

    1. You will need to show the funds for both yourself and the family. Alternately you can have your COS to provide you with a letter stating that they can support you and your family in the first one month.

  106. Hello, I want my parents to join me on my baby delivery time. I have got a maternity letter from my midwife but some one told me that the letter is recommended oly for one person who can take care of you, so cannot I apply for both my parents? My visa is valid for six months , is it ok to apply now? Thank you

    1. This is not true, you can apply for a moral support family visitor visa for as many as you can show accommodation and funds to be able to sponsor the visitors.

  107. I am in UK on business visa attending technical training and my wife has expressed interest to spend some time with here. My company is ready to sponsor her. Can you please send invitation and sponsorship letter format uk visitor visa by employer(company)?

    Many thanks in advance.

  108. I am a student living away from my home country and im planning to apply for uk visa.currently i'm having 800 Pounds in my SAVINGS Account and a friend of mine who is living in UK as a student is willing to sponsor for it possible to get visa if a person who is under student visa sponsor for me? (my friend is working only part time and sharing an apartment. can he produce his part time payment slips for this matter?) what are the sufficient funds he should have for my 11 day stay in uk? And further can a person who is getting a monthly scholarship of 1000 pounds can help me on this instead of producing part time work payment slips?

  109. Hi Avineet,

    Thanks for the info above.

    I want to invite my parents on a visit to UK. I am into full time permanent employment with a good company. I don't have any savings in my account in UK. Just want to ask how much money they have to show to come to UK and for how much time. They'll be having a return tickets and will be staying with me for atleast 2 months.


  110. hi,
    i've indefinate visa and now i'm applying uk citizenship for me and my son who was born here. my question is my mum has indian citizenship and she is 74yrs. and my brother and his family is harresing her as she dont have her own property and she is dependent on them. i'm her only hope now. can i apply for her as my dependent???? she dont have a house or much bank balance. my husband is in a good position and i work partime parmanet in a company. pls help as its very imp.

    Thnk you..

  111. Hi Avineet,
    I am working in UK under Tier2 (ICT – Short Term Staff) work permit visa since June 2012 and I’ll be here till Dec 12. I want bring my spouse and my son here but I cannot make a dependent Visa for them as I was not aware before that I need to maintain a sum of £1200 balance(£600 for spouse + £600 for my son) in my savings account for a period of three months before applying for a dependent visa. Now I’ve started maintaining the balance but they can only come in Nov if I want to bring them on this Visa.

    The other option I would have is, I can bring them on a Visitor Visa. I have few friends who have settled here for more than three to four years, I have approached them for sponsoring my spouse and son as a friend to get a Visitor Visa. But all of them have a single bedroom flat. As I read in your blog, there is fare amount of chances of the visa application getting rejected if there is no separate bed room for guests who are coming.

    Because of the above reason, I’m thinking to sponsor my spouse and kid myself. As I’m working since only two months I don’t have any bank account here. Could I show my India’s bank statement (6 months statement), 6 months’ pay slips of my organization and a letter for employment proof in India for financial support? I have two bed room apartment for accommodation and I can get the no objection letter from my apartment owner. I've COS document to show the employment here.

    Many Thanks,

  112. Hello, AVineet
    Can you please tell me one more thing that my visa is valid till 24 feb 2013 , I'm on HSMP, I will apply for indefinite this means I have only 6 months visa now, so can my parents apply for 2 years visit visa? Or will it affect their application or not ? Thank you

  113. Hi,
    My parents were came to UK as a visitors ,they have 6 months visa.In Jul 2012 they have gone back to India as thier visa validity expired.I would like to bring them again to UK as a family visitor. Can i apply for visa?
    is there any time frame required to apply?


  114. My husband is on bussiness visa for uk for 6 months.I plan to join him after 3 months on visitor visa and will stay with him. I currently have no job. I have just opened the bank account and will show 1000 gbp in it. My bank details will have 3 months history. My husband has 3000 gbp in his bank account. Should this balance be sufficient? Should i consider anything else before applying?


    1. Yes, this should be sufficient.

  115. I need to sponsor a general visitor visa for my Colombian friend. I do not have all my last 6 months payslips. If I can request copies from my employer (the NHS) would this be sufficient? I have £5000 in a savings bond and £4000 balance in my bank account. If I cannot provide payslips what about a letter from my employer? Please advise.

    1. Hi, you can attach copies as well as a letter from your employer stating your salary. Also attach the bank statement to substantiate your claim. The balance in your account is good. However do ensure you have enough room to accommodate your friend, as you will need to follow the UKBA's overcrowding policy. (Failing which the Home Office can refuse visa on the simple ground that you do not have sufficient space to accommodate the visitor you are sponsoring.


    2. Thank you very much for your reply, can I send in a copy of my tenancy agreement stating its a two bedroom and a copy of my council tax bill showing single occupancy?

  116. Hi Avneet,
    I am Tier1 Holder and wish to call my parents to UK on general visitor visa. However I am staying in a one bedroom house along with husband and child. Believe the visa will be refused due to the overcrowding clause for accomodation. What all other accomodation evidences can be produced? Hotel, Guest house or a friends house can be shown? Will that allow to grant a visa for 6 months? Please let me know. Many Thanks in advance.


  117. What documents should i submit for visiting my sister in uk . Also i am not working . Completed my degree a couple of months back

  118. And i don have a bank acc . And my parents will not be accompanying me . . . Pls help

  119. Hi,
    I am expecting my baby in Dec 2012 and planning to call my parents to UK. My visa is going to expire in Jan 2013 and I will apply for an extension in Jan. What will be the end date for my parents Visa if they apply for a Family Visit Visa? Can you suggest if my parents should apply for a Family visit visa or general visit visa?
    Please help.


  120. I need to write an invitation letter for a friend who will be supporting himself whilst visiting me and my family. Is it sufficient enough to just say on the letter that he is coming for a visit?

  121. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  122. Hi,

    I am on Tier 2 General Visa in the UK valid until September 2013 and my wife is on dependent Visa until the same time. My wife's brother applied for a visitor visa last week from VFS Ahmedabad, Gujarat but filled the VA1F-B application form (family visitor) instead of VA1F-A (General Visitor). The requirements have changed and since we are not "settled" in the UK as per the definition, which require us to have either an ILR or citizenship; it seems he applied against an incorrect category.

    Although Family visitor is a type of General visitor and everything else is the same - but since he has filled and submitted an incorrect form, I am wondering if his application will be rejected on this basis? Or should I re-apply with the correct form (however with the online application process, this doesn't seem possible). Or shall I write a covering letter to British High commission Mumbai explaining the mistake? However the VFS suggested not to submit any other document until asked by the High commission.

    Really confused what to do other than wait and watch. I just don't want to realize later something could've been done before they process the application and make a decision.

    I believe all the other documents, finance, etc is in place properly.

    Thanks in advance

    1. Hi Kunal, As of now, I will suggest to wait and watch as the category doesn't seem to be wrong and if all the documents are in order your BIL should receive the visa.

      Check this :

      All the best!


  123. Hello my brother in law has been refused a family visit visa. My husband had sponsored him to visit is to attend our daughters 1st birthday. We had sent all our financial information and our accommodation paperwork. The visa was refused due to my brother in laws low income based on a family of 4. We had sent a letter with the application saying that we were going to financially support him so why would they refuse his visa based on his financials only. His income is not low but just scattered over the year due to farming. Can we appeal? Should we appeal in UK or India?

    1. Hi Neelam, yes you should appeal. Appeal is done via the Visa application centre in UK.

  124. hi i am first time going to apply for australia visiting visa, i am indian, and working with an indian pvt company,if i am already book accomodation in australian hotel for stay for 7 days and night than what minimum bank balance is required for stay in australia for 10 days, and also guide me that there is a requirement of hotel booking proof is compalsury or not? and i have rupees 350000 INR (7000 aus dollar) is this sufficent for this strip?
    please guide me

  125. Hi Experts,
    I am an Indian, living in U A E, I am working for a smal company, and my wife is in India, working for a semi government firm, we have 2 daughters below 3 years.
    We are invited by a U K citizen, englishman to spend a month with them.
    What are the procedure to be followed.
    We do not own a house,
    please let me know,
    Fully sponsored, by them, tickets, living and tour,

  126. This comment has been removed by the author.

  127. Hi, I want to know how to open an account in the UK without proof of address. i m new in the country an i nee to open an account urgently

    1. I don't think you can do this. However you can still buy a debit card, which is like a pre-paid card, if that is why you want to open a Bank a/c.

  128. Hi, i am anu and i have completed my BDS course in kerala and i want to spent christmas with my mother in uk. i had visited uk in the year 2010 and tat time i was a student so i required only the letter from the college and the visa was accepted. but this time i have completed my course and whn i applied it got rejected saying tat theres no enough documents submitted. Then by october i applied again with the documents told by the agency showing my provisional certificate,job tat i am working as a trainee for 6 months in a clinic and an affidavit showing tat i am the only successor of the land and belongings here. I have also shown my mothers emplyment letter, 6months payslip, bank statements,everything required. But again got rejected saying tat lack of leave application and in the affidavit it has mentioned tat i am visiting uk(approx 6months). i'm trying to apply again on december but please tell me wat all documents should i have. i have applied for leave application just to stay in uk for 21days and tat i have to rejoin by 3rd jan 2013. since i am working as a trainee i dont have any salary. its a bond of 6months and thn i could permananently work with the clinic. i really wish to meet my mother so this i dont want to get rejected. pls help.

  129. forgot to mention that the agency told us to submit 2to3 family photos of me and mother in uk.

  130. This comment has been removed by the author.

  131. I read many post, & got good info for gneral visitor.
    Still i want to post my query & will seek ur expert advise for my particluar case.
    1. I will be travelling on Tier 2 for 6 months to UK. My accomodation (1bhk service appt) will be provided by comapany itself.
    2. I want to bring my wife & my daugter(3 years) to UK for 2-3 months on General visitor visa
    3. i have around 1.60 INR in amy account(without ticket). Will this be sufficient for applying visa?
    4. I can also manage to get around 1 lac INR cash in my account. Will i need to expalin this transaction to Visa office?

  132. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  133. Hi All,

    I am an Indian Citizen, working on deputation in Amsterdam.

    I have applied for UK tourist Visa and Submitted the following documents:

    1) Last six months salary statements
    2) Last six months Bank Statements
    3) Deputation letter
    4) Letter from employer and granted leaves
    5) Copy of residence permit.
    6) Hotel Booking and Return flight journey

    I came to know that I was needed to send original residence permit card to verify I sentonly Copy of residence permit.

    Please advise whether it will be an issue in getting the visa

    1. If they copy is not legible or they have a doubt they may refuse the visa, else they shouldn't ideally refuse. Assuming rest of the documents were submitted in original.

  134. Hi
    Hope to get a reply soon !!

    I am on Tier 1 dependant visa and have applied for extension . My sister who lives in US is applying for a General Visitor visa.

    My doubts are as follows :
    1. Since my visa has already expired and am awaiting my extension approval , will it affect my sisters application ??
    2. She has previously been to UK as a family visitor.
    3. She is providing all the necessary documents and is able to financially support herself during the trip, however she plans to stay with us.
    4. I was wondering what documents do i need to submit to support her application.

    Awaiting eagerly for your reply as she is applying very soon :) and i came across this blog just now !!


    1. As your visa extension is still under consideration, it would be safe to show some hotel or hostel or gust house accommodation, but actually stay with you. She can always mention that she has a relative/sister in UK, who also she wants to visit. If you think the decision on your visa may not take more than 1-2, it is best to wait else, follow the above.


  135. Hi There,

    Have carefully read your blog .. as i am having a limited company & i am the only director & employee of the company what document should i provide for salary slip.


  136. hello i want to submit payslips to support my balance statement but the payslips are not in english. do i have to translate them as well?


    1. Usually they don't accept photo copies, for key documents. If the docs look very genuine they consider it. However Asian country visa rejections are on a steep rise. All the best with this.

  138. Hi,

    I am in UK on Tier-2 visa along with my wife and 3yrs old child. I want to invite my parents from India for general visit for a period of 3 months.

    My query is specific to accommodation requirement. I live in a rented flat having 1 bedroom + l living room with adjoining open kitchen. I understand as per UK rules this is not sufficient to accommodate my parents. Due to lock-in period of current lease it is not possible for me to rent bigger house. Can I do any of following:

    1. Rent a room in shared accommodation for 3 months where my parent can stay during their visit.
    2. Get letter from my friend who owns 3 bedroom house that he'll provide one room to my parents for their stay.

    If yes, what documents would be required in either scenario.

    J Singh

    1. Hi,

      1. You can rent a room, however need to show the rental agreement.
      2. You can also get a letter from your friend, but should share the accommodation proofs. (No objection letter, Council tax, etc.)


    2. Thanks for quick reply, Avineet .

      J Singh




    Saumya Rai

  140. Hi all,
    I need help for filling the UK form.My sister stays there and they will sending invitation letter to us.Myself n my wife planning to apply for a visa.They will suppor tonly for accomodation and food.We are going only for a two week and I am planning show around 22000DHS(i am staying in UAE) as a total bank balance.My question is
    1.Is this amount enough for us(myself and wife)
    2.I am taking help of my wife,she is working and she is giving here salary to me.In the form where I have to mention about this,which column and what document do I have to submit and also my wife form what do I have to write.

    Hope you will help me.

  141. Hi Avineet,
    I am applying to visit my friend in UK, he has an ILR.I going for a vaction to attend his MD convocation& a Europe trip.
    He is sponsoring my trip.(can provide all req info) Im employed in an MNC for more than a year.
    Is it ok to provide this years Form 16/ Tax return,6m payslip & bank satement. I have around 5L in savings/PF and bank balance.
    Please advise if these are enough to get a visitor visa.
    Awaiting you advise..

  142. Hi Avineet,

    my husband stay in uk and got ilr. i already got one time rejection one year back. now re applying.

    - i am only using my bank statement not my husband(sponsor) from his side i am using monthly playslip. is that would be ok?

    - sponsor's address proof, using revenue office letter but now its more then one month old. can i still use.

    please please reply

  143. Hi Avineet,

    I am in UK on Tier 2 Gen visa, My mother is staying with my grand father in India. She doesnt have any property on her name more over my grand father maintains all the financials, so she doesnt have any money in her account even as of now. I would like to sponsor her to UK to stay with me and my wife for couple of months time.

    I am planning to keep some 3000 pounds in my account for 3 months time before i apply for Visa.

    My mother want to come UK by keeping her sister with my grand father for these 2 months time. She has to go back to India to take care of my grand father after that.

    Question 1) Can i deposit some 5 lakhs in her account from today onwards and show this money for Visa

    Question 2) Can i tell like she has to go back to India to take care of my grand father. She has 2 more sisters in India as our family is spread in India itself.

    Question 3) As she doesnt have any land or property on her name, would it be sufficient to show 5 laks as the bank balance or FD. I am sensing that it wont be sufficient?

    Please do let me know whats your thought on this


  144. Hi Avineet,

    I am living in UK with Tier-2 dependent visa. My husband is working here. I intend to bring my parents here as family visitors.

    Please help me with a few doubts:

    1. Does the UK grant multiple entry visa for first time visitors from India?

    2. My father is a lawyer. What document does he have to show as proof of employment?

    3. We are living in a 1 bedroom-hall-kitchen flat. The hall is bigger than 50 sq. ft. Can we provide this as accommodation for my parents or do we need to move to a 2 bedroom flat?

    4. You have mentioned 700GBP per person per month in bank statement. Is this including or excluding accommodation charges?

    Thank you for your time.


  145. Hi, I'd like to ask if I should apply for child visitor visa or general visa. I'm 17 at the moment and im planning to apply for a visa probably january- february and planning to leave from US to UK on may- June. Although im turning 18 on April. so I'm worried and confused. and for my bank statement, can i submit my mom's and mine together since my mom is giving me allowance from her account and I work for myself too but dont get paid that much because I only work part time.I dont know if My friend who's going to be provide food,place, and etc should submit his bank statements as well. pls answer me.

  146. Hi,

    I am Tier 1 general dependant permanant employee in UK.
    I am planning to apply for my mom and dad for visit visa for 6 month in dec 2013.
    According to all above post I can provide my all sponsership documents and account statements there is no problem.
    But my dad is retired now recently so he wont have any letter from his employer for proof. Only things he can show as bank statements and his house ownership agreement.
    What else I need to show as proof of visitor's financial document or is this sufficient to get the visa?

    Thanks for advices in advance.

  147. You apply to me and my kids Monday visa me a student visa visitors, and my kids visa child visits were accepted my son and refused my daughter that 11 years old and the reason not to register at a school in the UK and they think it's going to stay for more than 6 months can I object to this decision.

  148. please, please, please, I would like to help me in order to appeal the decision because I made ​​all the papers fundamentalism, in addition, I holds a scholarship by the Iraqi government and I am an employee at the Ministry of Higher Education in Iraq and I have a monthly salary of 3,100 $ in addition to backing bank account and provide account Visa card my own I would like to consider the issue of rejection of my daughter and I undertake to her return to her home country after the expiration visa her, and I was plan to her register at a private school in the UK after entry UK, because he can not leave her education is in Iraq at a school in sixth class this year and I can not her leave particularly situation in Iraq turbulent ,I would like you to help me of order to appeal the decision refused to give visa her. I am ready to provide any document or pledged to the British Border Agency .
    visa application number :GWF020589807
    visa Type: visit-Special Visitor- (Special) Child visitor
    thank you very much to help all the people
    with best Regards
    weaam al humadi

  149. Hi Avneet,

    I am expecting and I am trying to call my parents on Visitor's Visa to UK. My Dad showed a reserve of Rs 2.25L for my mother and himself, but he withdrew Rs 25000 from the account after submitting the papers.

    My worry is, if we need to maintain the minimum balance throughout till we receive the visa, even after submitting the documents or can it go down after submitting the papers to VFS?

    I have shown them as retired from work and my brother is there in India who is studying BTech.


  150. Hi Avneet,

    Thanks for your help.
    I applied for my parents visit visa to UK last month from New Delhi, India. I had mentioned to invite them for 5 months ( this will be their first visit). Unfortunately it got rejected on 3 points

    1. Why they need to visit for 5 months.
    2. they are both retired doctors. The refusal point was "no proof that they worked as doctors".
    3. They had not submitted their bank statements.

    Now my questions are

    1. can they re-apply for the general or family visit visa anytime? or is there a certain cooling off period.
    2.My sister lives in Mumbai, can ,y parents re-apply from mumbai.
    3.What documents can be supplied as proof that they will go back at the end of visa duration.

    Please help.

  151. Hi ,
    I am on tier 2 dependent visa .i need to check can I get a house on my name if I show the financial security

  152. good night! this is a very short question, i'm from peru, and i finished my application online for a general visitor up 6 months, i have my appointment tomorrow, but i was checking my application and i forgot to write my second name, i just wrote my first name and my family name.. i will have a problem to get my visa? please help me asap.


    giovana gomez

    1. Hello Giovana, missed your question. Did you get through do let us know, so others can take a clue from your experience.

  153. wife's British and have a daughter l would like to visit them as a family visitor my questio is.l dnt have payslips as lm self employment can l apply with my business contracts as a prove will be returning?

  154. Hello Experts,

    I have a query regarding the UK Toursit visa.I am indian citizen and travelling to UK on business visa and wanted to my wife to accompany me,so wanted to process her tourist visa .Can you please suggest how can i prepare invitaion letter and supporting letter for her visa process.

  155. Make your holiday the best this year, and travel to see the beauty of Mombasa Cheap Mombasa Flight with both your family and friends with our special packages.

  156. Hi

    I am a Tier 4 Full time student in UK. I am pregnant and I want to invite my Mother-in-law as a general visitor. Could you please please advice me that how much i need to show in bank account statement.


  157. Hi,
    My Tier-2 (Intra-company transfer) visa is under process and my company is sponsoring my travel to UK for a stay of upto 1 year. My tentative travel date is in May.
    I want to ask that if I want to sponsor my Mother's visit to UK, which visa category will be applicable for her ( as per my knowledge she can apply for general tourist visa for upto 6 months) and what all documents will be required for her visa processing.
    My parents got divorced long back and I am the only girl child, supporting my Mother financially. Her savings account balance is nearly 1.5 lac.
    Please tell what all documents can support my Mothers's visa application where I will be completely sponsoring her trip?

  158. Hi I m sam from saudi arabia working here since 7 years .I applied for visiting visa but I have permission letter pay slip and job description letter in one paper .is it fine???

  159. Hi, I have to travel to US from India on B1/B2 visa for some official purpose. I want to visit London for around 6-7 days while I am returning to India back.
    I do not have any friend in London, so sponsorship is not possible. I wanted to know what are the chances of tourist visa approval.
    I can show 4-5 lacs in my bank account.

    Many Thanks

    1. Hi Sam, you can apply as a general visitor and submit adequate financial proofs and other required docs to ensure sucessful application. Rs. 4-5 Lacs is quite sufficient for a week's trip to UK.

  160. Hi Avneet,

    I just came across your blog and it is definitely very helpful.
    These questions might seem repetitive but as the rules keep on changing, I want to confirm few things from you please-
    I am a full-time Masters student in London on a Tier 4 General student visa which expires next year.
    I want my mother to come and stay with me for a month. She is a housewife.

    Q1. As I am not working and I am living in a student accommodation, can I still sponsor her visit?
    Q2. Can she and I both show our combined bank statements to confirm that both of us have sufficient funds to support our stay?
    I am not sure about this. Please could you confirm?!

    Thanks in advance.

  161. Hello Kanica, sorry for the late response.
    A1: You will need to provide an proof where the accommodation for the visitor should be sufficent, i.e. a separate bed room, in the form of a lease agreement, address proof and a No objection letter from the current owner. Otherwise you can book a hotel and submit the booking proofs for the same.
    A2: Yes, you can share the bank statements and also do get a letter from the bank stating that either can use the account to withdraw funds from the bank a/c. However try and submit other financial proofs as well, like LIC receipts, Asset ownership ( land etc.). Social times ( as a reason to return to her home country).

    Hope this helps.


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