Visa Refusals

If you have been refused visa in India: You can check more details here:


Some of the very common visa refusal reasons:

Visitors not confident on the duration of stay, place of stay and sufficient funds to support the stay. Visitors / Migrants using false/forged documents or have lied during their interviews can be banned from entry to the UK for upto 10 years.

Another common reason for refusal was "you wish to go to the UK for a holiday. You have never previously undertaken any foreign travel before and I can see little reason for this trip".

There is a case of a person whose request was rejected by an officer because they had "little or no idea what you plan to see or do". This was, because the person had answered the question on a form asking why they were going to the UK, with the words "annual leave vacation".

To ensure your visa is not rejected, ensure you provide all the documents in original , where possible (with each photo copy of the documents listed here.) Avoid scanned and faxed copies.

Note: Visa refusal rate is quite high in Southern part of India, especially for people applying from Hyderabad ( due to rise in forged / fake documents). It is as high as 30% for Dependant visas and 50% for visitor visas. Although the VFS claim the same to be less than 10% overall.

Once rejected you, need to re-apply paying the full visa fees again. Some applicant's do get a chance to appeal the decision with additional information or proofs, within 28 days of receiving the refusal. If the visa is refused, it best to re-apply, to avoid any additional agony and time.

Appeals are lodged with Asylum and Immigration Tribunal, in P.O Box 7866, Loughborough LE 11 2XZ, this usually takes 2-3 months and can go even longer.) or through the British High Commission application centre.

August 2010 : It was reported in the media that there was a steep rise in the appeals going in favour of immigrants (who's visa or entry to the UK has been refused ). As much as 50% of the immigrants had the final hearing in their favour due to the Home office representatives not turning up for the hearing. in 2008 and earlier it was less than 10%, it was reported.

Actual Visa refusal Note: (taken from a rejected dependant visa in May '08)
"You have not given reasonable evidence that suitable accommodation has been provided for you by your sponsor. So, I am not satisfied that this meets the reuirements of the Housing Act 1985 and that there will be enough room for you and any dependant.

You have not provided enough evidence to show your sponsor owns or rents property in which you plan to live, or that mortgage or rent payments are being made. Without this, I am not satisfied that the accommodation is secure, or that you can live in the accommodation without using public funds.
You have not provided any payslips or satisfactory evidence of regualr expenditure demonstrating that your sponsor is able to support you. I am not satisfied that you or your sponsor will be able to support you in the UK without working or using public funds."


Once Visa has been refused. Your next action:

Prevention is better than cure, and most definitely so in the case of visa applications. It is essential that every visa application is planned and checked thoroughly by a person with the necessary expertise and experience in the field of immigration, as a seemingly irrelevant or incorrect detail or omission on a visa application can lead to a visa being turned down.
Visa applicants should therefore take the utmost care to ensure they are making use of reputable immigration firms or consultants, in order to prevent the frustration of a visa being turned down, not to mention the time and expense involved in re-applying or filing an appeal.

However, getting it right first time round is the best, all is not lost if your initial application is refused. Although there are risks and costs involved, in most cases an appeal or review of the decision is possible, and in many cases a successful result can be obtained.

If you recently had your Visa application denied or turned down, it is possible to lodge an appeal if you have been;

  • refused entry clearance;

  • refused entry to the United Kingdom;

  • refused an extension of stay;

  • been deprived of UK citizenship;

  • received a notice of deportation or;

  • received a notice of removal.
According to the Nationality, Immigration and Asylum Act 2002, there are a number of rights and grounds upon which appeals can be brought. Some of these grounds, which are set out in s. 84 of the Act, are as follows;
  • the decision was not in accordance with immigration rules;
  • the decision is unlawful according to the Race Relations Act 1976;
  • the decision is unlawful under the Human Rights Act 1998 (HRA) and therefore not in accordance with your rights under the European Convention of Human Rights (ECHR);
  • the decision breaches your rights as an EEA national or the family member of an EEA national under the Community Treaties;
  • the decision-maker incorrectly exercised discretion under the Immigration Rules;
  • or your removal from the UK would breach the UK’s obligation under the Geneva Convention on refugees or be unlawful under s. 6 of the HRA as being incompatible with your Convention Rights.

First things, first

Once you have been refused leave to enter or remain in the UK, the decision-maker (whether an entry clearance officer, immigration officer or the Secretary of State) will give you a written Notice.
This will include a statement of the reasons for the decision. If you are to be removed from the UK, the Notice will also state the country to which you are to be removed and it must also be accompanied or include the following:
  • a statement advising you of your rights to appeal and the Statutory Provision upon which this right is based;
  • the time limit for bringing your appeal;
  • the address to which the appeal needs to be sent;
  • a fax number for service by fax;
  • whether there is an exception or limitation to your right of appeal;
  • and whether further information is required under s.120.
You will also need to decide whether you wish your appeal to be decided at an oral or written hearing. Once your appeal forms are completed, you can send it either to the Asylum and Immigration Tribunal (AIT) or sometimes if you are outside the UK, to the British High Commission or Embassy in your country of application. The AIT is an independent tribunal and therefore it is not affiliated with the Home Office in any way.

If you are within the UK, your appeal should be filed with the AIT within 5 working days of receiving the Notice of Decision if you are in detention and within 10 working days if you are not. If, however, you are outside of the UK, your appeal must be received by the AIT or British High Commission or Embassy within 28 days (including holidays and non-business days) from when you received the Notice of Decision. Due to these time constraints it is strongly suggested that you contact one of our Visa Advisors as soon as you possibly can, as they are experienced in dealing with these deadlines.

Your Notice of Appeal is lodged. What next?

Once you have filed your appeal forms and supporting documents, the Entry Clearance Office which decided your case will review its original decision. If the review maintains the original decision, for non-settlement cases, the Entry Clearance Office (if you are outside of the UK) should take up to 8 weeks (11 weeks if lodged with AIT directly) to prepare the necessary documentation for your appeal.
If, however, your case is a settlement case it should take up to 16 weeks (19 weeks if lodged with AIT directly) and if it is for a visit visa, then it should take 12 weeks (15 weeks if lodged directly with AIT) to prepare the necessary documentation.

Will I need to go to the court?

If, following discussions with us, you have opted for an oral hearing, you will receive a copy of the Appeal bundle of the Entry Clearance Office or AIT documentation in advance of the hearing date. Breytenbachs will prepare all the necessary documentation for your hearing during this time, even if you are not within the UK at the time. We will attend the hearing on your behalf. Therefore if you are outside of the UK your appeal will still go ahead.

If you are within the UK, you will need to attend the hearing as main witness. If you have a sponsor, your sponsor can also attend the hearing as a witness in addition to you or in your absence. If you are attending the hearing, you should allow for the whole day, as appeals are not heard in a specific order on the day.

What happens after the appeal that has come and gone?
If you have attended an oral hearing, sometimes the Immigration Judge will give his decision at the end of the hearing but usually decisions are reserved and take 2 – 3 weeks to be received in writing. All appeal decisions are given in writing and are effective from date of written determination or promulgation. Where there has been no oral hearing the Judges’ determination will also be received in writing.

A word of Caution: Be wary of getting into the tarp of fake UK passports, IDs, Driving Licenses, as they have very high security feature and can be easily detected. UK Passports have a new security chip in it having all the details of the holder and hence unlikely to be forged.

Denial of Entry:
You can be denied entry on your arrival to the UK, even though you have a valid UK visa. The Immigration Officer, on various grounds refuse you entry, vis-a-vis your reason for entry, finances, local contact etc. The IO will give you reasonable time to put your case forward. If IO is not satisfied you would be provided with a written letter explaining the reasons for refusal. The airline which brought the visitor in will be asked to take the visitor to their home country.

Airlines pay for the return ticket in this and not the UK Immigration.

If you need further advice or assiatnce on appeals you can visit :

May 2010:

Refusal Due to False Documents:

Original transcript of denial from ECO / UK Home office for submitting false MBA certificates:

Candidate had applied under Tier 1 General category

"In your application you, submitted false MBA and marks sheets from Magadh. I am satisfied that they are false because of check made by the deputy high commission on 29/3/10 and 30/3/10. As false documents have been submitted in relation to your application, it is refused under paragraph 320(7a) of the immigration rules. 

Any future applications will also be automatically refused, for the same reason, under paragraph 320(7b) of the UK immigration rules HC395 (as amended) until 13/4/2020, unless a concession applies. Because you have been refused under paragraph 320, the application automatically falls to be refused under paragraph 245(b) of the immigration rules HC 395 as amended."

Although the above restriction on paper is for 10 years, it could well mean a ban for lifetime from entering the UK. There may be an option to appeal against such a decision, a candidate faces a daunting task of hiring an counsel in the UK to represent him/her, spend a lot of time and money on this. Which can take several months to reach a conclusion.

July 2010:

Example of a student visa refusal, to a student applying to extend the student visa to return to London to complete studies or dissertation. The reasons sited were three,

1. Illegible document from the University (unclear scanning and absence of original document), hence doubting the authenticity of the document.

2. Unclear and without enough explanation for delay in education within the stipulated 18 months of course duration.

3. Bank statements submitted of a person but without stating the relations with the applicant.

Visitor visa refusal : To stay with British boyfriend:

You have applied to visit the UK for a period of XX days in order to see your boyfriend. You state that he will fund your entire trip and the documents you have provided satisfy me that he is able to do so, However, i must also look at your circumstances here in the Philippines. You are unmarried with no dependants and state in your application that you have no savings or property. You are also unemployed and i see that you are totally financially dependat on your sponsor. I am not satisfied that you are genuinely seeking to enter the UK for a limited period as stated by you. i am not satisfied that you have demonstrated sufficiently strong ties to the Philippines to make you to leave the UK.

I have therefore refused your application because i am not satisfied, on the balance of probabilities, that you meet of the requirements of the above paragraph (s) of the Immigration Rules.

Your right to appeal

Your application does not attract a full right of appeal under section 82(1) of the Nationality, Immigration and Asylum Act 2002. Your right to appeal is limited to any or all of the grounds reffered to in section 84(1) b and c of the Nationality, Immigration and Asylum Act 2002 namely:

b. the decision is unlawful by virtue of section 19B of the Race Relation Act 1976

c. that the decision is unlawful under section 6 of the Human Rights Act 1998

Our suggestion:

The main concern that the UK Border officer has is, whether you will return to your native country once your stay is over in he UK. towards that they need to see proofs like, bank statements, any property, social ties ( if you are a member of some society with some credibility), if you have any credit cards ( which can prove that you have a good credit history.)

You may also state your ties with your parents there and show that they are either dependant on you or you need them and hence will return to Phillipines. In the absence of strong proof that you will retrun to your country, I would say it will be very very difficult to obtain the visa.

Also, would not advise on appealing in your case, as it not only takes an awful long time, but also needs a lot of financial help and presence of your UK representative.

Settlement Visa Refusal due to Overcrowding clause of the housing act:

Your husband is joint owner of a house in which he lives with other owner, his wife and their 2 children. It’s therefore considered a multi occupancy property for which specific guidelines exist.

You have stated on the application form it’s a 3 bedroom property however I have seen no evidence of this & given there would appear to be atleast 5 people already living there, in the absence of an independent report or survey to substantiate the size of the premises & bedrooms and who resides there, am not satisfied that your additional presence in the house would not constitute over crowding under the 1985 housing act.

I have therefore refused your application because am not satisfied on the balance of probabilities that you meet all of the requirements of the above paragraph(s) of the immigration rules.

Our advise:

We will advise on submitting evidence that it is a 3 bedroom accommodation and if they are double bed rooms and submit the council tax and with your name on the tax notice and other accommodation evidences, like House Rental agreement. A survey report can be obtained from the council, like the one by Southampton council

Visa refusal due to false financial statements ( if refused under the Para 320(7A) or 320(7B). it can be sent for "Administrative review".)

Annex4: Administrative Review
Reviews of refusals made under paragraphs 320(7A) and 320(7B) of the Immigration Rules
26.The applicant may submit further information with the Administrative Review request, if the refusal is based on paragraph 320 (7A) or 320 (7B) of the Immigration Rules on General Grounds for Refusal.

27.If an application has been refused because a false document was used or a false representation was made, the applicant may claim that they were unaware of the false documents or false representations. The refusal will still stand but the applicant would have to prove that they did not know that false documents or false representations were used, if they are not to have any future applications automatically refused for 10 years. Where the documents related directly to the applicant (for example, employment references, qualifications or financial details), such a claim would be likely to fail unless the applicant has clear evidence that an error has been made (for example, written confirmation from an employer, financial institution or educational establishment that they had supplied us with incorrect information at the time we verified the original documentation).

28.If the administrative reviewer does accept that the applicant did not knowingly use false documents or false representations, the refusal will still stand, but the applicant will not automatically have any future applications refused under the rules (paragraph 320 (7B) where false documents or false representations were used.

January 2011: Denial of Entry to the UK on arrival.

One example of denial of entry to the UK and the reasons for the same.

26th July 2011:

By A:

My friend received a refusal, and the officer said that their records show that my friend had applied and refused a visa and then got departed to france back in september 2006. This is untrue since my friend  never was in france, never had a uk visa refusal and in sep2006 she was in thailand!
We are going to appeal, but we dont have full appeal rights, that is why i'm seeking any advice possible. If you can share your advice or guide me to some site or other advisor, i'd be very gratefull.

Best regards,

By RK:

Good day to you, I'd like some advice for applying for a student visitor visa. This is in reference to my wife who actually seeks the required visa. I'm basically from Delhi, India and presently in the UK doing my Marine Engineer's Course from Warsash Maritime Academy, Southampton (UK), and as such my wife was interested in taking up a 4 weeks course from London school of beauty and makeup. However her visa was refused the first time round for the July course the reasons being mentioned in the attached letter from UKBA. So we've instead requested the institute to shift her from June batch to August batch (course starting 30th August), and thus would like to reapply for the visa. Please advice how should we go about this as is it really advisable to reapply or the efforts will go in vain fearing rejection the 2nd time round.. Although she's had UK visa (spouse of ship's crew)on 2 occasions before although didn't get a chance to visit UK before. She's well travelled otherwise having valid US visa and of other countries of far east and Switzerland as well.  s far as the support documents are concerned, I provided the necessary financial documents of my bank statements, mutual funds etc. Please advice how should we go about it and is it important that if I'm here in the UK (on a student visitor visa as well)  then my wife cant get her visa or something?

Hi S,

I have gone through the Visa refusal letter and the reasons mentioned there in. The UK Home office primarily analyses if a person is genuine visitor or student or not. In your wife's case, they have raised questions on :

1) Why all of a sudden there was a need to study the mentioned course
2) For a 4 week course, why a 5 month visa has been sought, although you have mentioned that other shourt term courses will be taken up for the rest of the term. ( You will need to show as proofs that you will be studying for the rest of the months and that again needs proper verifiable prrofs.)

If you really want her to visit you, you can instead apply for a visitor visa for 2-3 months or as the need may be. The UK BA is keen to know exactly what you will do for that lenght of time that you apply for a visa. Even if you apply for a visitor visa, you should mention what you want to see and who you want to visit.


By N:


I have applied for business visa for UK for one week. The reason for denial that I forgot to mention a past denial of work permit on Point Based system 2 years back. I don't want to suppress or hide that information but missed in spur of filling all the details.  That was the innocent mistake for which I am fully responsible but want to correct. The counselor also did not provide the right of appeal and restrained it applying for further 10 years(320(7B)).

What are the option available to appeal and represent the correct picture so at least 10 year automatic rejection can be avoided in future. Any urgent response is highly appreciated.

Thanks & Regards


January 2012


I'm Ukrainian nationality leaving in Poland, have temporary residence repmit.

I have applied for a visitor's visa to UK for attending a training provided by UK company. My employer is paying all the expences and cost of the course. I have submitted all the documents along with my contract, bank statement, confirmation from the UK training provider company that I'm going to attend a course and company letter from my employer that I'll continue to work in my current company after my return.
I have a lot of visas in my passport to different countries including US, Austria, Cyprus - and never was refused a visa before. 

But my application was refused with the following reson: 

"I have refused you application because I'm not satisfied on the balance of probabilities, that you meet all the requirements of the relevant Paraghraph of the UK Immigration Rules.
Your right to appeal is limited to the grounds reffered to in section 84(1)(c) of the Nationality, Immigration and Asylum Act 2002"

I don't understand what does it mean, and what was wrong in my application,
embassy and world bridge refuse to answer my request for clarifications but advise to apply secpnd time. But how can I apply second time if I don't know what was the reason for the first refusal?
Please help, is there any way to get the clarification? Can  I appeal ?

Thanks and regards,


Thanks for sending in the soft copies of the refusal letter. What I understand is that you have applied for a visa under the general Visitor visa category and the purpose mentioned is that of a training, which is not permitted under this category of UK visa.

They then considered your request under Business Visa which according to the Home office rules can be undertaken by only if your company's own branch is providing so in UK else if it is not your employing company then the training provider should be a contracted training provider for your company, in which case you may need to submit the contract that is signed by both the companies along with the visa request.

They did consider you finally under the Student visa category, however they mention that they do not see any proof of you being accepted as as a student.

You will need to either follow the student visa route and provide all the documents as per this category or under a business visa category, which then needs a contract between the training provider and your parent company.


  1. Hi,

    My sister is in UK and she has invited me to visit her.Previously when I had been to UK,I submitted my Bonafide certificate stating that I am going on vacation.But this time its not possible as I am an engineering passout student and unemployed.Please help me in this regard.

  2. Please, I need your advice on what to do based on the following response I got from an administrative review. I have more than the required amount for foreign graduates in my Natwest Account but could not present evidence during my application because I have left the UK. They are asking me that I can still reapply. However, the one year stipulated period after graduation has elapsed. Should I go ahead and apply? Please respond ASAP

    thank you for your request for an administrative review regarding our decision to refuse your application as a Tier 1 Post Study Worker in the UK. I have duly considered your grounds for appeal but am satisfied the decision to refuse your application was correct.

    You state in your grounds that you have submitted evidence of funds up to and including 26 August but this is not the case. Your most recent account only covers the period to 15 March 2011. You suggest the entry clearance officer should have contacted the bank to confirm the current balance but this is outside their remit and the bank would not have been able to provide the relevant information due to data protection issues. The onus is on the applicant to provide sufficient evidence to support their application and you have quite clearly failed to do that on two occassions. I have therefore upheld the decision.
    You are entitled to re-apply at any time.

  3. i have been denied us visa in 2009 , now i am applying for uk visa. should i disclose it or not to UKBA in my visa form?

    1. HI Vikas,..I am in the same situation as u were, Can you please tell me if you had mentioned about your US visa in UK application.

  4. I intend to travel to the UK soon for a business training offered by my company's branch in the UK. I have travelled multiple times to various countries in Africa, Middle East and the US. I have also held a transit visa to the UK in the past. On my very first interview for a US visa, my application was denied. I subsequently got a visa three times and travelled to the US five times before I got denied entry and got deported from the US during the last trip because my former girlfriend happens to be a green card holder and we share a son who is an American citizen and I had not declared this in my last visa interview. I am looking at the UK application documents and they require me to declare my previous travel history. Will full disclosure of this information affect my chances of getting a UK visa?

    1. HI Javan,..I am in the same situation as u were, Can you please tell me if you had mentioned about your US visa in UK application.

  5. My visa has expired(1st March) and my application got refused due to the fact that I'm on 40 hours contract so it brings down my hourly rate.
    It's 44p short per hour.
    My company agree to increase my salary and back date to 1st Jan 2012 when we applied the visa to meet the criteria.
    It was my fault that I didn't calculate right.
    We are going to submit a fresh application and new COS is processing.
    But I still will send a one stop warning letter to tell them I have reason to stay.
    Because I don't want them reject my application because my visa has expired.
    Can anyone explain to me what will happen after I send out one stop warning letter? Is it the right move?
    I want my fresh application valid

    1. Basically in the one stop warning letter, we will submit that all the required evidences to prove that I meet the criteria.
      But someone said Having extant leave is not a pre-requisite in the points-based system. The only issue is that you won't get a right of appeal if refused. Also you will become an overstayer beyond 28 days so have to think about that for future applications for entry clearance.
      I just want to make my fresh application valid due to my visa expired on 1st March.

  6. hello i am writing you regarding my visa refusal actually i was refused a tier 4 visa on oct 6 that was on thursday and i received it on thu(13) or fri(14) due to 2 pounds short in my maintenence also i have sent a note to home office that i am reapplying the student visa and i went to university for international student advisor that was on 17 oct as 15 &16 were weekend holidays and to discuss my query so he had adviced me to wait as my results were to recieve on 7th i.e on monday and i am completed my course and i am not able to apply for tier 4 visa they had advised me to go back to india and apply from india this decision was said to me on 15 november and my graduation was on 16 and i am back to india on 17 of november and i applied to tier1(psw) in india i was rejected under 320 7a 7b as they told me the reason as overstayed and sent me an administrative review so how can i process in further.
    so how can i proceed further please let me know as soon as possible

  7. Hi,
    I was refused in spouse visa due to my English Certificate is CELTA which I had got in London 2 years ago. And I have to provide only Certificate from the approved test list like IELTS etc.
    The upsetting thing is when I was submitting my documents to the visa center in Kyiv they confirmed that my Certificate is OK, otherwise I would stop and get the right one.
    -Pls advise how long an appeal may take after I apply?
    -Do I have to pay for it?
    Thank you.

  8. Good day,

    I was denied entry to UK in 2006 under Immigration Asylum Act 2002
    (1)do not hvae entry clearance and have applied to enter UK as dependant of a person who has applied for leave
    (2) as a visitor (section89(1)(a) or (d)2)

    My partner who had a work permit at the time, and I are now both married as a same sex couple in SOUTH AFRICA and wish to immigrate to UK.

    How do I know if I am banned after all these years? If so, can I have this ban removed and where/how? Also if we apply to go to UK from SOUTH AFRICA and they issue us a visa to work in UK, will we be denied entry once we arrive in UK?

    I would appreciate your advice in this regard

    South Africa

  9. what are the exact grounds i can appeal if my visa application is refused and my rights of appeals are restricted to section 84(1)(c).
    i do have all the documentary evidence to remove all the objections.

  10. imran shaikh..
    i was applay uk ganral visitar visa for 6 days since april 2012 but ther for refuse my application for my lettest bank account and also my it retuern(monthly income 16000).. i wnat re applay in last of this month.. pls advise me what i do next

  11. Hello Sir/Madam,

    I had applied for UK Work Permit visa from Hyderabad on 9th Aug 2012 through my company, and received a denial on 16th Aug 2012, on the grounds that I submitted false educational documents. This is completely untrue as I spent 4 years studying in this University before receiving my degree from them. I later applied to the University asking them to confirm my education. The University then sent me a letter confirming that I completed my education with them. I sent the letter along with my application for Admin Review on 12th Sep 2012,I recently received a response from the UK Consulate on 4th Oct stating their decision remains the same, as according to them my University is not recognized by the UGC. I'm completely sure that my University has been given permission by the Government of India to issue degree post completion of education with them. I can prove the same by submitting my marks sheets and degree certificate to the HRD/ Ministry of External affairs for their attestation. For this reason I would like to receive my original marks sheets and degree certificate from the UK Consulate at the earliest. This is extremely important to me as my life/career is getting ruined with such statements from the Consulate. Request you to kindly let me know as to when I can receive my originals, in order to proceed with the attestation and prove that I have genuinely completed my degree with the University, and also that this University degree is recognized by the Government of India.

    Awaiting your response at the earliest.

    Thanking you

  12. i applied for a student visa extension in january to start my masters. i did not get any response from the UKBA until last week, with a refusal after 9 months. I have been attended lectures and already finished one term and currently set to graduate in 2 months. The reason they gave was that the bank statement i used which is my grand father's cannot be accepted as he is not regarded as a direct sponsor, whereas i attached a legal document stating that my grandfather is my legal guardian and has the right to stand as my sponsor. This was stated on the UKBA website. Now this is my case, i am trying to decide what to do next, do i appeal this decision, make a new application with the 'right' bank statement or apply for a spousal visa as my wife is British and we were planning to apply for the spousal visa when my supposed student visa comes back.

  13. hi good day i was refuse a visa as a general visitor to the uk.. the reason for my refusal was

    the decision.
    you state that the cost of your trip is to be born by yourself. you have submitted evidence of how the trip will be finance in the form of your personal bank statement. i note that these statement take the from of a full statement dating from 30 September 2012 and a printout of an online bank statement for the same account dating form 16th October 2012 i note from the more recent online statement that while t shows the transaction history debit and credits to your account, it give no indication of the balance of the account. in the absence of any further evidence relating to your finance, i am not satisfied you could maintain yourself adequately or meet the cost of yor onward journey, without recourse to public funds or taking employment. i am therefore not satisfied that u you meet the requirements of paragraph 14(vi) and(vii) of uk immigration rules HC395 (as amended )
    on the evidence you have presented and considering your application as a whole, i am not satisfied, on the balance of probability, that you meet the requirements of the uk immigration rules hc395( as amended) as person seeking leave to enter the united kingdom as a visitor
    i therefore refuse your application.

    please advise me on what to do i want to apply again

  14. Hello Dear sir .. i have applied in student visitor visa but i have been refused to get entry clearence and i am not allowed to appeal for administrative review ,,
    My question is that how to get an right of apppeal under the administrative reviewe,thanxx

    1. Hello Habibur Rahman bro, Would you like to please share that why your visa refused? Study gap, Priavte funded college or any other? Thanks

  15. Hi there,

    My parents in India applied for visitor visa under family visitor category, I am staying in the UK on tier 2 COS, will there visa application be rejected as they should have applied under general category. The category definitions are not very clear and as they were visiting me (son) we went ahead with the application. An early response will be much appreciated. Thanks

    1. This is a bit wiered and am with you that, it shouldn't have been rejected citing visa category as the reason!!

  16. Does a blanket ban of 10 years under 320 7(a) also bar one from applying in universities outside of UK for example Netherlands,Sweden or Austria ??

  17. i was refused for the student visa 2 years later as false financial statements under 320 7(a), the visa consultant had cheated with us for showing the amount in savings account.
    please tell me how can i get solution of this problem if i want to apply again for a tourist visa.

    1. Sorry Daman, but under 320 7(a), it is a ban for 10 years from entering the UK, no matter the visa category you are applying under.

  18. Hi, i came across your blog and you seemed to provide explanation to quite a few visa problems...

    I just recently got refused a Visiting for Marriage Visa on the grounds that I didn't provide enough proof of relationship and lack of funds.
    I sought advice from those visa agencies that you pay for them to submit your application, and they suggested that i apply for the Youth Mobility Program. I could appeal but that would take quite a while and i dont have that time on my hands.

    My concern is that if i apply immediately for the Youth Mobility that the records of my recent refusal may influence the decision for the new visa application. I've read here as well as other places that they can deny you entry for 10 years... i'm getting married in July and i cant have that at all.

    I need to know whether my application would pe processed without prejudice or will my previous application have a significant impact on the decision.

    thank you

    1. sorry - i failed to mention that i'm an Australian Citizen.

    2. Hi, it is a known thing that previous refusal decisions are taken into consideration while deciding on a fresh application. If you meet all the criterian laid out for youth mobility, you may be able to get the visa. Please let me know if you need any further help.

  19. >>> Hi There
    >>> I have sent my application on 23 may 2013, and I have an interview in New Delhi BHC at 17 June 2013 and on a next day I have recd my passport with refusal stamp , as per Eco reason for refusal is that I m not a genuine student , I have gained all 40 point for cas and funds, actually I have been to London on 18 jan 2011 for student visa but on that time college was A rating college and I have failed my first semester after finished the first semester my college had internally informed the student , icm awarding body has discontinued and new awarding body is edexcel , as per Eco said I have not completed my course last time , how can I complete my course as my college has shifted my course to advanced diploma in marketing , advertising & public relation to pg diploma in business management level 7 , I have not completed my level 5 , they have sent me to level 7 and due to lot of discrepancies in the management I came back to India on dec 2012 , 3 months before the visa expired my visa was going to expired in feb 2013 , my college is not in ukba list right now it's suspended, my college name is aa Hamilton college London
    What should I do in this case pls help me on this

    >>> Pls reply me

  20. Hi there,

    My mother was refused visitors visa on the 09th July basically on the balance of probabilities

    They have said on the letter that:

    Your right of appeal is limited to the ground referred to in section 84(1)(c)

    Under the new Immigration Laws can I appeal against the decision from the UK or does my mother need to re-apply?

    Thanks for your help

  21. This comment has been removed by the author.

  22. My mother was refused visitors visa on the 24 July basically on the balance of probabilities

    They have said on the letter that:

    Your right of appeal is limited to the ground referred to in section 84(1)(c)

    Under the new Immigration Laws can I appeal against the decision from the UK or does my mother need to re-apply?

    Thanks for your help

  23. HI,

    I am applying tier -2 Dependent for my Wife, Right now I am in UK , Do I need to send all my original documents for Visa or can I can scanned copies of my documents.
    Can you clarify the following doubts please.
    as my company gave me the maintenance certificate they are a rated sponsor, still do I need to maintain the funds to my account.


    1. You should send original documents as that reduces the chances of refusal on the grounds that they are not legible. Also you do not need to maintain funds as you have the maintenance certificate from your employee.

  24. was refused a uk visa as a general visitor, however i want to re apply but most of my documents are with the embassy ie. invitaion letter, letter from my employers,etc. can i re apply and only provide evidence on the grounds upon which i was refused ?????

    1. When you re-apply, you need to re-submit all the documents afresh.

  25. I lodged my spouse visa application in VFS Sri Lanka on the 27th of August and I got the message on the 29th of August as Application is under Process at BHC. After that absolutely nothing from any resources.

    I am frustrated, how long they are going to take?

    Did any body submitted settlement visa application around on 27th of August.

    Please response to my que.


  26. Hi
    My child was refused entry clearance (ILR) on the basis of new income rule of £1800 since my wife was only getting maternity pay and myself was on a career break (without pay). Now we both are back to work and each earn more than £1500 p/m. Both the parents have ILR status in the UK but the baby was born in India.
    Now, do we need to wait another six months to re-aply for the settlement visa to have the latest 6 months pay slips and bank statements or can we apply with 3 or 4 monthspayslips?
    Looking forward to your kind reply . Thanks

    1. You can apply with 3-4 months pay-slips

  27. Hi
    I was refused entry clearance on the basis of section 320(7A) and for not having appropriate funds in 2008.
    I went into appeal against the decision. The judge stated that after seeing the evidence its clear that applicant has not violated setction 320 7a but refused my appeal on the basis of not having appropriate funds. I want to know that am i still barred from entering UK for 10 years or what since i am thinking of applying for uk visa and how can i check my immigration status that whether or not i am barred? waiting for your reply.

    1. Ideally you shouldn't be barred from UK as the appeal has overturned the 320 section levied on your visa refusal. You should be able e-apply,

  28. Hi
    i am from paksiatn.mine uk student visa was refused in 2012 month october, reason is that we cant verify your educational documents is either true or false,thats why we refused your application under 245zv,, then i submit my educational document after verified from Hsc board,then appeal for administrative review,but now one year has gone no reply from ukba. i am waiting for decision, mine future is stuck.. can anybody help me.sir

  29. It's any way to check the immigration status if you are banned from UK or not?
    It's very important to know, because my decision it's not clear...

  30. Hi,

    I have applied for UK entry clearence visa but got refused coz I forgot to mentioned few things in it. I used to live in the UK and spent 8 years there on student and HSMP visa during that time I was convicted for drunken driving and I forgot to mentioned it in my visa form. I have appiled for administrative review with apologies. I have applied for tier 2 inter-company tranfer all my documentation and point are ok. I received the aknowledgment from embassy regarding my administrative review, can some pelase advise how much probablity there is that they will re-consider my application.
    your help will be highly appreciated.

  31. Hiya,my name is Farrukh from Pakistan ,i been to London in 2010 on student visa and my course was equivalent to NQF level 4 and i came back in Oct 2011 within valid visa but i couldn't complete my course,,i have done bachelors in arts(2years) in 2013 but haven't got certificate yet,,I'd like to go back n start my education again in London..shall i apply for student visa ? what are the probabilities i 'd get refuse ?waiting for your kind response

  32. I have recently received a refusal for entry due to a clear misreading of my documents. My bank account was misinterpreted for EGP instead of USD, which clearly makes a huge difference in the account. Hence, my funds were regarded as insufficient for this trip. I have sent several messages including the letter of refusal and the correct documents with the falsely read bank statements. However, I received no response till now. How can I proceed from here especially that I haven't made any mistakes in my application, hence I don't se why I should pay expenses for an appeal, or even worse, a new application. Please advise me. Thank you very much.

  33. This comment has been removed by the author.

  34. Hi there,

    I have been to uk in 2008 on student visa and returned in 2011 December but (supposed to leave in Oct 2011). Due to my health condition i couldn't able to returned in time. After returning to my home country i have applied for psw again with providing all necessary documents including my medical certificates from NHS. As UKBL as refused visa on Overstay. Then they have given a appeal chance . I have filed my medical documents and a covering letter mentioning the reason through UK Solicitor. But the solicitor haven't send my document in proper time which was submitted to UKBL on 29th day. As UKBL has mailed a letter stating that the decision remain same and you are banned to entry UK for 10 years. Know i want to know that is any chance that i can try as a dependent visa. Please help me out.
    Thanks and Regards,

  35. Hello Sir
    I had refused by Uk Visa Immigration because of Financial mistakes. I want to apply Again for uk Tourist Visa. Help Me If You can Sir
    Regards Sunil Verma

  36. Great and a very informative blog for me. Keep sharing.

  37. Dear Sir/Madam, I have been in UK as a student from 2010 to 2013. I was caught while i had breached the conditions attached with my visa and my visa was curtail by the Immigration Officer and then i was voluntarily elected to depart the UK in Jan 2013. I came back on my own ticket. Now after one and half year i applied for a student visa for my P.hd. My consultant made a mistake while he was filling my application on online. He forget to disclosed that fact. The ECO have awarded me 40 points but refused my application under 320(7A) that i did not disclosed those facts. I send my refusal for Administrative Review with comprehensive answers and reasons and that decision was also not in my favor and ECM hold the same decision which was made by the ECO. ECM stated in his decision that i disregarded the Affidavits from Applicant and from my consultant in which my consultant stated that i was not aware which was a prove that i was not aware with the facts which are not disclosed by my consultant even i have singed my Application without reading it. Can Some body tell me that do i have a Chance of right to Appeal against this decision in England/Not.

  38. plz i want to do appeal against refusal ( settlement visa) my wife is in uk where she will send my files plzzzz help me or anyone can tell me some advice plz thank you

  39. I was recently rejected entrance by the UKBA on 24th Sep 2014, not until I see this Blogpost that I know I can appeal. But on my letter it stated that I have no right to appeal? I urgently need a Visa Adviser (or any expertise who can analyze my case for me) and may I know where I can have such help please? I need to appeal as I am innocent. Thank you in advance for your help!

    1. By the way I am from and in Hong Kong. Can I get help from the British Embassy here? Thank you in advance for answering!

  40. Thank you so much for giving a light on the issue about visa refusals! By the way, if you need it to be cleared in your visa application, visit:

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  42. Hi,
    i am a Nepalese and once i applied visiting visa for 21 days in UK and it got rejected due to some financial reasons, now i have lost my refusal letter that vfs provided me and while i am trying to apply for higher studies in Australia they have been asking for the copy of the refusal letter. Now where could i get the new copy of that refusal letter...
    Thanks and regards in advance..

  43. your right of appeal is limited to the grounds referred to in section 84(1)(c) what its means

  44. Hello, I would like to seek assistance. I am planning to visit my husband and my in laws in the uk for 3 months however,my employer did not allow me to take a long leave. What can i do in order for me not to be refused? Please help me since i dont want to get a denial from ukba. Thanks in advance though

  45. Hello, I would like to seek assistance. I am planning to visit my husband and my in laws in the uk for 3 months however,my employer did not allow me to take a long leave. What can i do in order for me not to be refused? Please help me since i dont want to get a denial from ukba. Thanks in advance though

  46. hi name is jassi...i submitted my file for uk spouse visa on 3rd of march 2015 . but i got refused because of english requirements. ..i submitted my Masters degree in english...but ECO refused that he is not satisfied that it is recognised by NARIC UK. then we contacted naric uk ...we have got English language assessment where they stated that the degree is not meeting C1 level but she has got atleast A1 level... and the degree was taught in English and the medium of instructions was english...we have done appeal now...n put that Naric letter in it..with the scanned copied of my degree aswell...

    can u please help me if it is fine for the requirements they aeare aaking for?
    m going to give my English language Test aswell... shall i send that too? and can we send a document after appeal is done?
    m so scared and confused as well. ..pls help...

  47. Hi po,im Marge,I need some advice about my refusal visit visa.On my letter decision,they refused its because I think is about of my bank statement.They confused its because im un employed but I have savings.My boyfriend is my sponsor and he looking after for all documents I need like his invitation leter,copy of passport,his bank statement,accomodation etc. The problem is i don't have evidence of ties to home country – like ownership of property(title?). I used to rent house only which is my boyfriend paid for it.Usually my boyfriend help me and looking after for all my expenses as well that's why i have savings..Can you pls help me and advice what do i need to do..Or any requirements do i need about evidence ties to home country aside property?? Thank you for all your help..

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  52. Hi , Can any one help me on 320 B banned. what exactly is this . Now can i get the Tier 2 work permit of Uk. One of company from Uk is ready to sponsored me Tier 2 Work permit..... Please guide me the way out

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  54. Dear Sir , Madam

    Due to your refusal response to my request for a VISA I would like to correct a few details to explain certain points.

    First of all, my previous demand contained few misunderstandings. I have no intentions in neither short visit nor stay. I would like to clarify that my intentions are to work in the UK for at least 6 months if all goes right. The credibility of my intentions are a question of doubt but the fact that the documents I provided earlier include that our restaurant’s (Mc Donald’s) headquarter have been notified about working at Mc Donald’s in the UK therefore instead of a short stay my plans were from the first place to work there and not to cross over as a tourist or an immigrant.

    Secondly, I would be glad to provide you with recent bank statement to prove that my bank balance has been increased in the past several months in order for it to represent my actual financial state reflection and that this specific balance will be available for my trip to the UK

    Finally, I am grateful for the time spent to read my letter in the meanwhile, I will be waiting for an adequate response from your part, yours sincerely
    P.J: Bank balance

    Hassan MKHAICHI

  55. Dear Sir , Madam

    Due to your refusal response to my request for a VISA I would like to correct a few details to explain certain points.

    First of all, my previous demand contained few misunderstandings. I have no intentions in neither short visit nor stay. I would like to clarify that my intentions are to work in the UK for at least 6 months if all goes right. The credibility of my intentions are a question of doubt but the fact that the documents I provided earlier include that our restaurant’s (Mc Donald’s) headquarter have been notified about working at Mc Donald’s in the UK therefore instead of a short stay my plans were from the first place to work there and not to cross over as a tourist or an immigrant.

    Secondly, I would be glad to provide you with recent bank statement to prove that my bank balance has been increased in the past several months in order for it to represent my actual financial state reflection and that this specific balance will be available for my trip to the UK

    Finally, I am grateful for the time spent to read my letter in the meanwhile, I will be waiting for an adequate response from your part, yours sincerely
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    Hassan MKHAICHI

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  61. Hi, I would like to know, if there is any chance for a positive response after administrative review of vis refused as I had forgotten to submit the acouny statement for only 2 mths instead of 3 by mistake..
    Would like to know what to be done, if there is no review form enclosed after mentioning in the refusal letter that it is there

  62. Hi, I would like to know, if there is any chance for a positive response after administrative review of vis refused as I had forgotten to submit the acouny statement for only 2 mths instead of 3 by mistake..
    Would like to know what to be done, if there is no review form enclosed after mentioning in the refusal letter that it is there

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  64. hello 2013 I applied for tier 4 visa but got 320(7A) .now I m married to a British citizen who will apply my spouse question is this time can I get spouse visa as my husband is well settled in uk but I m banned for 10 years as a student?


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  66. im going to apply again a visitor, since my are willing to sponsor,should I write the date when I denied? but I forgot the exact date sometime year 2007

  67. I applied for tier 2 general visa, they rejected due to missing UK NARIC letter for my degree, can I re apply with same CoS with UK NARIC letter, or I have to get new CoS for applying again, labour market is valid for 6 months and other thing remain the same, please advice

    1. When you applied and when you received the letter from them.

  68. Hi All,
    I applied for Tier 2 visa but was refused for submitting copies of UKNARIC, and also for not submitting my MBA degree along. I booked appointment with VFS exactly 7days after I received UKNARIC statement on e-mail, thinking that I will receive originals in 5-7days. However, at the day of submission I didn’t receive the originals due to delay in courier so I printed out e-mail copies to support my English Language requirement.

    Now my CoS has been used and my employer has no further additional CoS to provide and has asked me to go for an administrative review, which I have done now. 28 days waiting trauma starts. My question now is

    - They have provided an email to submit my review – I’ve taken a printout of the review form – 3 page pdf, filled the required fields, scanned and mailed it to the email ID provided. Is the process correct? Also, I’ve not made any payment yet– I’m planning to call UKVI tomorrow but still wanted to ask this here.

    - Has anyone been in similar situation – Visa refused for submitting copies and gone for an admin review and what is the success and review being turned down?

    - When I submitted initially along with Application I submitted – CoS, TB certificate, UKNARIC originals, and Bank statement. If asked for re-submission I’m also planning to submit original MBA degree certificate, Medium of instruction and transcripts. Are there any other precaution/documents I should provide if asked to re-submit – to ensure I don’t get refused for the second time?

    - From reading forums I understand it takes 2-3 weeks to get additional CoS – am right? Is there a cost for the employer to get CoS?

    Many thanks,

  69. This comment has been removed by the author.

  70. What is the course of action if we do not get response for Admin review in 28 working days. We have applied for admin review in the month of August 2016, and still are waiting for the response (Oct). We have repeatedly send mails but have got no response.

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